4 Tips for an Amazing Wedding Reception

Posted by on May 16, 2017 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

live wedding bandThe one day you’ve dreamed of for so long is so close! The most important thing to remember is to try and enjoy it to the fullest. In order to be able to do so, you have to prepare everything in time. Here are some tidbits, secrets and tips which will help you and your family have the best time of your life!


You want to enjoy your wedding, and so do your family and friends. If you want to be sure and make this happen, start planning your wedding right away, the sooner the better! Be careful and stay concentrated and calm. Many things can go wrong, but keep one thing in mind: people won’t notice the details, the one thing they care about the most on your wedding day is your happiness and wellbeing. By taking care of yourself, you will take care of them and your wedding at the same time.




When it comes to weddings, there are many popular traditions. There’s a time for everything, the big entrance, the dance, toasts, food, bouquet throwing and the lovely ending. If you overdo it, and add too many obligations to the list of guest activities, you may end up having tired and grumpy guests.




Prepare a playlist for your DJ or even better, try a wedding live band, and let the profesionals read the crowd. Many entertainers can easily predict what does the majority of people enjoy the most, and they will try their best to keep the guests at your reception dancing. If you try to control too much of the situation, you may end up spoiling all the fun.




If you have a dance party in mind, you better dim the lights. People tend to dance more and show off their moves if the lights are appropriate. If you have any plans of getting a photographer, it would be a great idea to talk this over with him because he will give you professional advice and save the quality of the photos from your wedding.

These four steps will help you enjoy your big day. The tips may sound simple at first, but you’d be surprised how much they help when the time comes. Enjoy this happy occasion with the people you love and care the most!