4 Useful Points to Help You Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

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Stunning Couple ShotWe have discussed before about the topic of how to choose a wedding photographer. However, the topic is so important that there is always something new to look into. After all, the memories of your big day should be captured perfectly to enjoy them again and again. Here are a few useful points you should remember while choosing your perfect photographer.

1. Light and Bright Vs. Dark and Atmospheric

There is always something new about choosing wedding photographers perhaps because there is advancement in every aspect associated to it including cameras, technology and editing facilities. From the days when wedding photography used to be pretty generic, we have come a long way to having every wedding photographer with the camera of their unique choice and signature editing style. Therefore, you are actually spoilt for choice. For example, look at the directory of wedding photographers in Hampshire and you will find photographers all with their unique styles.

At one side we have photos full of light and on the other side there are photographers who make use of light to produce contrast, usually creating darker photos. It’s not the matter to decide which of these is better – it’s your personal preference. You’ll find completely different styles; you should watch and be attentive to what style the photographer has – light and bright or dark and atmospheric, and which style you love and choose your photographer accordingly.

Light and Bright

2. Fine Art Photography

You may come across this term again and again while looking for your perfect wedding photographer. But it’s tricky to understand what it exactly means as there is no definite definition for the term. Previously it referred to shooting on a film; but now it’s used more widely.

A professional fine art photographer defines this as a style that transports them to a magical place which is incredibly romantic and full of light taking focus from surrounding elements and natural beauty and giving finished results as a collection of delicate soft toned images capturing authentic moments of love and happiness.

If this is something that appeals you, you can surely use ‘fine art photographer’ as your search terms.

Fine Art Photography

3. Film Photography

If you have a higher budget for your wedding photography, you can try film photography because it is more expensive than digital photography. This is purely because it involves more time and more materials. But again it’s up to your personal choice as for many people film is the very heart and soul of photography while for others digital is better since it offers a wider margin for mistakes and provides instant results. And you may be confused with a new fact that now some photographers shoot on digital but with a film-like style. Some people are even of opinion that once the photos are uploaded on a computer in a digital copy, difference is hardly discernible. However, again this is a personal preference.

Film Photography

4. The Stunning Couple Shot

Once you decide on the above points, you may begin looking for more details in their work. It’s important that their work includes stunning couple shots because it’s the most significant image of the day. Your photographer should be able to whisk you away at a spot where there would be an incredible setting and backdrop, at a right time of the day to be able to produce some magic with light. What is your choice – do you want your intimacy captured in the camera or have some drama in your couple shot or you want to have some fun in the proceedings or just want things to go naturally? Watch some such stunning couple shots from their portfolio and find the style of the photographer and if you love it.

Stunning Couple Shot

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