4 Useful Tips to Buy the Correct Bridal Robe

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your bridal robeYou have to do a lot of shopping for your big day and the major among the shopping items is your clothing. Well, your wedding dress is the most important; but you have to shop for a lot of other clothes for you as well as your bridesmaids too. And the main among them is a bridal robe!

Well, the bride and bridesmaid robes are useful for wearing while preparing for your wedding. Naturally, they should be comfortable and make you feel relaxed. For example, the Mr & Mrs Right Women’s wedding party women cotton bride and bridesmaid kimono robes have been designed specially for brides and their bridesmaids and your girls are going to be pleased with you with these robes.

You’ll love these robes because they are 100% cotton, lightweight and comfortable, and beautiful to look at too with the delicate lace. They are available in so many attractive colors. And you can tailor them as per your size! You can see their pictures in this article.

customize your bridal robe

Here are some tips to shop for your bridal robes.

1. Styles

Kimono style typically has drop shoulders and full wide sleeves like the above-mentioned Mr & Mrs Right Women’s robes. Plus, there are spa robes too that are normally cut very full and often one-size-fits-all. Another style is wrap robes which have a set-in sleeve and they are a bit more customized than other styles.

choose style appropriately

2. Features

Your bridal robes should be of a good-quality fabric with their seams finished well without ripples. They should have a belt that should be 1 ½ to 2 inch wide.

3. Fabric

Fabric of your robe should not be too thin or lightweight. A medium weight fabric such as cotton, satin or charmeuse is perfect. Don’t get fooled with sites claiming that their robes are of silk when in reality they are of 100% polyester. Remember that silk and rayon wrinkle badly and need dry cleaning. The spa style robes are normally made of heavier waffle weave cotton.

choose fabric appropriately

4. Length

Check what the length of the robe is and how it has been measured i.e. from shoulders, top of the collar bone or nape of the neck. Also, keep in mind that you will tighten the robe with a sash so, it will further shorten a bit. Typically the robe should be 32-33 inch long when measured from the nape of the neck to the edge of the hem. You don’t want to keep your bridesmaids worried regarding the coverage. When robes are too short, bridesmaids usually tend to pair them with yoga pants which just spoils the look. So make sure your robes are appropriately long, but not too long.

make sure your robes are appropriately long

If you consider these points while shopping for your robes, you can buy just the correct robes and you and your girls can use them on various occasions even after your wedding. So, choose the right one and have a great big day!