5 Amazing Tips for Capturing the Best Bridal Portraits

Posted by on May 2, 2017 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

best bridal portraits by wedding photography SingaporeIf you are nervous with the thought of your bridal portraits, you may face questions like how should your facial expressions be, where you should keep your hands, what you can do of your double chin and/or bird’s wings, and the most important and ubiquitous question, why don’t you look smiling in photos when you WERE actually smiling. Here are some tips for your bridal photos which will make you comfortable and confident.

1. Play with a Range of Facial Expressions

As mentioned above, if you don’t look smiling in your photos, don’t worry. Though it’s the happiest day in your life, you need not smile or laugh in each and every photo. Even serene expressions add drama to a photo. Plus, there are so many expressions you can have on your face and create timeless photos. Discuss with your photographer and s/he can guide you. However, keep in mind to avoid irritated and angry expressions. Transfer all your stress to your planner and you enjoy the day and that will reflect in your bridal portraits.

2. Make the Most of the Golden Hour

For bridal portraits, the ‘golden hour’ i.e. the sunset time is considered ideal. According to Bel and Natalie of Love By July, offering wedding photography Singapore, any photographer should be capable of capturing good images irrespective of lighting; but if the photo session is scheduled when the light is the best, you will end up in having better pictures. If it’s very sunny, stand in shade with your back to the sun to avoid squinting and harsh shadows on your face.

3. Make Full Use of Your Wardrobe

Not every day in your life you are going to wear a dress with a big lacy, fluffy skirt and a full length veil. So, wear them all and enjoy posing for photos. Play with a variety of combinations and have fun!

4. Get Inspiration from Various Sources

If you are daunted about how to pose before the camera, you need not worry because there are a lot of sources to get answers. The very first source is your photographer. Next is various bridal magazines. And third is sites like Pinterest. Get inspirations from these and choose poses which you find easy and fun. Practise them if you want so as to make yourself more comfortable.

5. Don’t Underestimate Hair and Makeup Artists

Professional bridal hair and makeup artists can do wonders to a bride’s looks and make them look stunning in bridal portraits. They have trade secrets with which they can make brides look their best. So, instead of handing your job to an amateur, hire professionals.

Follow these tips and you will feel confident about your bridal portraits.