5 Amazing Tips to Find Perfect Wedding Shoes

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Converse Bridal SneakersA bride’s wedding shopping should definitely start with a gorgeous wedding dress. But often brides forget that a stunning pair of shoes is equally important because without it, she cannot look great no matter how ravishing her wedding dress is. So, how about gaining some knowledge about how to choose perfect wedding shoes?

1. Consider the Length of Your Wedding Dress

While you should consider your wedding gown’s length while choosing your shoes, it’s more advisable to first choose the shoes and then adjust your dress’s length accordingly. Make sure you can walk comfortably and easily without tripping on the hem. Also consider beading and other embellishments on the shoes which may get caught with the bottom of the dress, causing a tear or snag.

bride wearing Converse Bridal Sneakers

2. Beware of Skyscraper Heels

You may be in love with your skyscraper heels while going out with your friends. But you may have to avoid the temptation to wear them on your big day. Keep in mind that your shoes will be on your feet for almost twelve hours and you will have to do plenty of dancing and standing. You will have to maintain a balance during your vows, and most importantly you don’t want to look taller than your partner.

3. Prefer Flats

It’s not necessary that only high heels look great on a bride. Even you can get some stunning flats like these Converse Bridal Sneakers, embellished with high-quality crystals and pearls of all sizes. They are 100% customizable too. Get the heels personalized and make a statement! Some of the photos of these wonderful sneakers are given here and you can see many more on the website. All in all, these flat wedding shoes are no less than high heels and are perfect for your big day and are comfortable too to wear throughout the day.

Converse Bridal Sneakers

4. Have an Extra Pair

If you can’t decide about whether to choose the fashionable high heels or the comfortable flats, why not get both of them? There would be some moments during your wedding where you’ll have to use your feet a lot e.g. while dancing, when you can wear the comfortable flat shoes. And whenever you can’t live without the high heels, you can wear heels.

5. Break Them In

Avoid blisters and other wounds due to new shoes by breaking your new shoes in by wearing them a few weeks before your big day while moving inside your house. Still if they bite, you can apply cushioned blister plasters on the right spots and be at ease during the big day.

Take the time to find perfect wedding shoes and they will make you look stunning just as you want to.