5 Amazing Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

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Social Photo BoothIf you have always looked at life casually and hate being formal, you may hate standing before your wedding photographer’s camera in a traditional pose wearing a fake smile or solemn expressions. What can you do in that case? Hire a photo booth! Photo booth photos are the most natural and whimsical where you can go just wild with your friends, family and sweetheart! Of course, there is no alternative to a wedding photographer, because photo booth cannot catch your ceremony’s photos. But if you add a photo booth, you and your guests can come out with your true self before the camera and those photos will be much sought after. Here are some fun photo booth ideas for you.

1. Natural Backdrop

Rather than looking at the windows as a drawback, make use of them as your photo booth backdrop. The beautifully changing colors of the sky, the setting sun and the views will act fantastically as natural backdrops for your photo booth photos.

2. Celebs Photos

Provide the attire of celebs – past and present – and let your guests enjoy the feeling of being that celeb. Look at these wonderful photos by Social Photo Booth.

Social Photo Booth Chaplin and Monroe

3. Mugshots

A great way to keep a record of all the attendees of your wedding is taking mugshots! You can skip the traditional guestbook and ask your guests to note down their names along with a “crime” they had committed on the chalkboard and take photos!

4. Fliplets

Fliplets are flipbooks of photo booth photos, and are great alternatives to the traditional favors. Give something to your guests which they would love and cherish, instead of things which they would want to get rid of.

Social Photo Booth

5. Magazine Covers

I am sure everyone amongst your guests would want to grace the cover page of a famous magazine like Elle or Vogue, and you can fulfill their dream, on the occasion of your big day, and delight them forever! You can provide photos printed as if on the magazine cover in your photo booth and everyone is going to love it!

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