5 Fantastic Ideas for Wedding Car Decoration

Posted by on Mar 11, 2018 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

Wedding Car Transport in Cardiff, South WalesHave you finished the planning of how your wedding venue would be decorated? Just take the time now to think upon how your wedding car should be decorated. It’s agreed that you should book a car that would wow your guests when you’ll arrive at the venue in style. But it’s also essential to add a touch of celebration to it to symbolize the big day. Here are some tips.

1. Floral Decoration

Using flowers for your wedding car decoration is the easiest way available because it can be done along with decorating your wedding venue with flowers. You just have to notify your wedding florist or wedding decoration vendor ahead of time to bring the right flowers of your choice to decorate your car. Remember to keep it short and sweet, and not something overpowering. That way you can decorate your awesome car, something like wedding car transport in Cardiff, South Wales, and show it off too. Flower arrangements are usually attached to the car with suction pads to keep them in place. Also make sure you choose sturdy flowers that will sustain the wind.

2. Window Clings

If you have a subtle taste and want your car to look minimalistic, you can use window stickers/clings which are self-adhesive stickers made of waterproof vinyl. You can get them customized.

3. Ribbons

Satin ribbons are another best option to decorate a wedding car. They look simple yet elegant and have a celebrative air around them. Plus, they are so pliable that they can be made into various attractive shapes like flowers, hearts etc. Or they can just be tied around the car as if your car is a beautiful gift. And they are available in soft, attractive colors too. You can also combine flowers with them to make the decoration even more beautiful while keeping it simple.

4. Banners and Posters

Apart from 4A size papers on which you can mention your names and wedding date, now you also get magnetic banners and posters which can be clung anywhere on your car. Of course, you can incorporate them along with other decorative materials, like flowers, satin ribbons etc. Posters and banners are a nice way to personalize your car decoration.

5. Buntings

When you want to make your car personalized as well as celebrative, buntings are the best way to do it. They can be colorful or understated and can have your names and wedding date or any other text you want on them.

All in all, you have many nice options to decorate your wedding car. Choose one to make your arrival at the wedding venue grand!