5 Great Tips for Save the Date Cards

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coPrinted save the date cardAt last, the day has arrived in your life when it’s confirmed that you are going to unite with your most significant one soon – your engagement! You want to include all your near and dear ones in your joy; so, you will be sending wedding invitations. But before that you have to send out “Save the Date” cards. Today, it has become easier than ever to have beautiful save the date templates like those at coPrinted.com which are so amazing that you will love them. Let’s see why save-the-dates are important.

1. Is it Necessary to Send Save-the-Dates?

It’s true that sending save-the-dates is optional. But there are really some good reasons for which you should send them, like:

  • Save the date cards help your long-distance guests prepare and make arrangements for their childcare, work and travel well in advance.
  • Save-the-dates hold the date at popular destinations or during busy traveling seasons.
  • Save-the-dates make those of your guests aware of your upcoming wedding who were absent for the engagement.
  • A save-the-date card signifies that you are a cordial and caring host, which also provides your guests with a foretaste of the type of wedding they can expect.

2. When should Save-the-Dates be Sent?

Wedding experts recommend sending save-the-dates six months before your date of wedding. If you will be conducting a destination wedding, this period should be at least eight months to a year. So, once you decide your wedding date and location, you should start shopping for save the date cards.

coPrinted save the date card

3. Should Save-the-Dates be Sent to All Guests?

It’s quite natural that in the early stages of wedding preparation (when save the date cards are to be sent), your guest list is not fully ready. Here is the list of the most important guests whom you should send save the date cards:

  • Wedding party members
  • Guests who will play important roles in your wedding
  • Closest relatives

NOTE: While it’s not necessary to send every guest save the date cards, it’s necessary to send wedding invitation to those, whom you send save-the-dates.

4. What Information to Include in Save the Date Cards?

Three types of information are necessary for save the date cards:

  1. Your names: If you want to adopt a formal style, you should include your full names and if you want to be casual or more modern, you can include only your first names.
  2. Your wedding date: For a formal style, you can spell out the entire date without abbreviations or you can use numerical date.
  3. Your wedding location: Including only city and state is fine, but venue in particular should be included for a destination wedding.

5. Should Save-the-Dates Match Wedding Invitations?

Not necessary! Actually, save-the-date cards are an excellent way to experiment a bit with your wedding theme if you are not yet sure about it.

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coPrinted save the date card