5 Great Tips from a Professional Photographer to Look Awesome in Your Wedding Photos

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Steve Gerard wedding photography - wedding carWhichever style and theme you choose for your big day, one thing is sure: you want to look fabulous in your wedding photos. While you have chosen the most beautiful wedding dress and accessories, your pose, smile, freshness of face and many such small things matter a lot for your beauty that is to be captured in the photos and going to be treasured for a long, long time. Why not take tips from a photographer himself? Steve Gerard, a leading wedding photographer in Montreal shares tips for our would-be brides to look terrific in their wedding photos.

1. Trust Your Photographer and Share Your Concerns

A female photographer obviously can quickly get close to bride and the bride can share with her views and what she wants to be prominent in the photos and what she wants to hide. However, even if the photographer is a male, you need not hesitate sharing your views and concerns. If he has a great concern for taking beautiful photos, he won’t shy away. If he does, you better replace him with another more dedicated one.

2. Be Punctual

Punctuality for brides is utmost important not only for carrying out the wedding and forthcoming events on time but also for being relaxed and thereby looking great in photos. Being on time naturally gives you more time to get ready and be relaxed with a thought that you are not late. That relaxation reflects on your face and body language, making your photos gorgeous.

Steve Gerard wedding photography

3. Make Hips Look Slimmer

This is an easy trick and works on any bride, whether she is plus-size or petite. You just have to take your hips away from the camera and they will look slimmer. Not only this, your figure too would look great with this trick.

4. Flat Tummy

Tummy is a major concern for many brides and this easy trick works not only for brides but even for grooms. You just have to lean a little forward from your hips (this is for brides) or waist (this is for grooms). It creates an illusion of a slimmer waist in brides and hides bellies in grooms. Another advantage of this is that your chin is naturally raised, eliminating a chance of double chin.

5. Some Beauty Tips

  • Use Eye Drops for Shiny Eyes: Start using eye drops one week before your big day. This will turn your eyes’ whites clean and clear to make them look whiter and shinier.
  • Carry Correct Lipstick: Ensure that you get the same lipstick that your makeup artist has used. Don’t forget to carry it with you always all through the day. This will help you freshen up within a second before your photographer captures your snap.

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Steve Gerard wedding photography - wedding car