5 Important Points You Should Look for in Your Wedding EMCEE in Singapore

Posted by on Jan 22, 2018 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

EMCEE in SingaporeLooking forward to a grand wedding in Singapore and want to hire a professional emcee? You should start looking for one who can be your dear friend and should specialize in hosting weddings in Singapore.

What to Look for in an Emcee in Singapore?

1. Multilingual

An EMCEE in Singapore should be ideally able to speak English and preferably Chinese too so as to make your all guests feel that you care for them and have arranged an emcee who speaks their language.

2. Having a Personality that Matches Yours

Every person is different and all emcees are different too. Either your emcee should have a personality that will match yours or even if s/he has a different personality than yours, s/he should be able to adjust with you well. This way you can discuss your expectations with them and they can prepare to meet your expectations.

3. Bespoke

Having the right professional wedding emcee is very important and can make or break your wedding. You cannot just hand over the job to anyone who you think is expert in public speaking or giving funny speeches or cracking jokes or might be googling for a few tips on how to become a wedding emcee.

A wedding emcee will make each of your guests sit back and relax and look forward to celebrating your big day as important guests.

4. Creating the Right Atmosphere

Your emcee should be able to create the right atmosphere whether it is your wedding reception, banquet or ROM ceremony. If you assign the job to an amateur, s/he would have to stare down at the prepared scripts, thereby creating a dull and boring atmosphere.

An emcee should be able to turn your event in a magical affair to bring everyone into a mood and create a sentimentally connected experience for you, your partner and your guests. The words spoken at your wedding may not be remembered by your guests, but they will surely remember how they felt and what their experience was.

5. Directing the Wedding Program

Your emcee should be well aware of your program flow and coordinate the stage programs with you as well as other vendors like your wedding band, DJ, audio-visual technician, photographer, videographer and banquet manager.

S/He should be able to watch out for cues by the right individuals on right time. Not only this will run the flow of the program well, but your photographer and videographer will be able to capture the best moments on right time.

If you look for these points in your wedding emcee, your big day will become extremely successful and you will remember it with pride for years to come.