5 Important Tips to Look the Most Gorgeous in Your Wedding Photos

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Ailsing Jeffrey Belfast Loughshore Hotel Wedding Pure Photo N.IYou always want your wedding photos to be stunning and you long for any good guidance if you can get it. So, what if a professional photographer shares tips with you? Here are some such tips from a professional wedding photographer that will help you look the most gorgeous in your wedding photos.

1. Schedule a Hair and Makeup Trial

You definitely want to look your best in your wedding photos; but you may not look it if you are not confident about your makeup, hair, dress and other ensemble. You check your dress and accessories well before the event, but you may not always remember to do that with your hair and makeup. Schedule a trial with your artists, so that you can work out the kinks to ensure that you will look exactly how you want on your big day. Remember that even if you find the makeup cakey or overly than you usually wear it, it will look good in your photos.

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2. Make Your Wedding Photos Unique


Today’s wedding industry has got a beautiful addition – personalization. You can make your wedding show your own style and likings. For example, if you two met in your library and because of your love for books, you can incorporate books in centerpieces. Or if you had your first date at a certain place, you can cater your wedding meal there. This will make your wedding and wedding photos personalized to show who you are as a couple.canal court hotel wedding newry bride and groom

3. Remove Even Small Obstacles


We often are careful about big things and forget small things. A great photographer can make any place look good, but you on your part can help your photographer in tidying the location where you are being photographed. Try these tips:

  • For the getting ready photos, ask your bridesmaids to collect and put all their stuff in another corner of the room, so that there won’t be any neon bras or coke cans in the background of your lovely photos.
  • While walking down the aisle, hold your bouquet at the level of your belly button. No doubt, it’s quite nerve-wracking when all eyes are on you; still, don’t hide your face behind your bouquet.


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4. Eliminate Amateur Photography


If you have hired a professional photographer, there is no need of amateur photographers taking your photos on their cell phones to share on social media. This is because when you walk gracefully down the aisle, there is an unsightly scene of hundreds of flashes from cell phones in the wedding photo taken by your wedding photographer. To eliminate this, request your officiant to make an announcement not to photograph the ceremony with cell phones and also that there is a wedding photographer for the purpose and guests should relax and enjoy the event.

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5. Fuel Yourself Up


Normally when we are stressed up, we forget to eat and drink, which fades us and this reflects in the wedding photos. So, make it a point to eat and drink well, while getting ready and during other moments. If you are worried about not meeting everyone, remember that it’s important for you to be well-fed and then you and your beau can visit each table where guests would be still sitting and greet each of them.


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