5 Major Types of Indian Wedding Cards You can Choose From

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Indian Wedding CardIndian weddings are not only a celebration but also a religious event because the newlyweds are supposed to be tied in an inseparable bond for births, the moment being witnessed by gods, mainly the god of fire, Agni. So, every aspect is given keen attention and not only the wedding couple but their parents, family and friends are there to help and manage each and every side of the wedding.

Indian wedding cards are an important aspect of an Indian wedding and over time, a lot of modernity and technology is getting involved in the design and structure of the cards. Here are some prominent types of cards that one can choose from to symbolize the auspiciousness and grandness.

1. Traditional Indian Wedding Cards

Traditional Indian wedding cards are simple bi-fold cards with shimmering, embossed pictures on top and the traditional matter on the inner side, like regards to deities, bride’s or groom’s parents inviting guests to bless their children, Muhurta (auspicious moment), date and venue, and names of other people interested in inviting. Traditional cards are typically low priced and there are a set number of designs with the vendor from which you have to choose one.

Traditional Indian Wedding Card

2. Offset Printed Wedding Cards

These can be in various colors and stationery types. These are also cost-effective and still look rich. In case of a limited budget, offset printed cards are the best option.

3. Engraved Cards

Engraved wedding cards are characterized by images and letters that are slightly raised from the rest of the paper to give a 3D effect to the card. This is a very good method because it makes everything very clear.

4. Scrolls

If you want to give a royal feel to your wedding, you can have the cards in the form of scrolls. They are all-time rich and would never become outdated. A richer variety is on a fabric, usually with the text embroidered with golden thread and the scroll of the card housed in a box of the same rich quality. A less expensive version can be in the form of paper. However, this type of cards are more expensive than other types of cards.

Indian Wedding Card scroll

5. Theme-based Cards

The Western trend of themed weddings has made its entry to Indian weddings too and in that case, you can have theme-based cards, e.g. royal theme, fairytale theme, etc. You can incorporate your theme in your wedding invitation and your guests would be excited to attend your wedding.

So, you have a wide choice while choosing your Indian wedding card with which you can stick to your traditional styles and go with modernity at the same time.