5 Most Practical Wedding Flower Tips

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wedding flower tipsIf you believe that natural flowers look the best and you should pick some for your big day, you will also have to agree that decorating your venue with natural flowers is an effortful task. They are the most perfect elements to decorate your venue; but they are also prone to wilt much sooner. If you are planning to have natural flowers for your wedding, here are some tips for you to minimize your stress.

1. Prepare Designs Beforehand

If you are confident that you will get instant design ideas the moment you enter the room with beautiful flowers, your confidence may be shattered on the eleventh hour! Getting design ideas for bouquets, centerpieces and other flower arrangements much in advance is always a smarter move. Today you can get plenty of them by the courtesy of the internet. By getting ideas in advance, you can choose just the right wedding flowers in the right colors and create a pleasant decoration. Spending some time in practicing with online tutorials is also recommendable.

2. Include Greenery

While picking flowers for your big day, you may have only the flowers in mind. But remember that the colored petals look much more beautiful in the company of their green counterparts. Just like flowers, leaves too come in various attractive shapes, sizes and shades of mostly green color, and they do their job perfectly of enhancing the beauty of flowers. Therefore don’t forget to include leaves in your flower arrangements.

3. Arrange Floral Supplies Well in Advance

You may not just buy flowers but you should get things that will cut them, shape them, stick them, tie them together and keep them in place. All these will need a variety of floral supplies, like scissors, tapes, pins, ribbons, foam, wire and more. Get them well in advance so that you won’t have to face the stress on the last minute.

4. Choose Strong Flowers

If you are keen about getting the full value of your money, you won’t want that the flowers wilt soon after you buy them. Discuss with your florist and pick only those flowers that are strong and won’t wilt soon. Some examples are Chrysanthemums, Poms, Daisies, Carnations, Peruvian Lilies, Craspedia (Billy Balls) and more.

5. Find Dual Uses of Your Flowers

Instead of bringing in all new flowers for your reception, why not use the same you used for your ceremony? It’s just obvious that you can not only cut the costs on flowers but also be kind on the nature by minimizing the flower wastage. If you have chosen sturdy flowers, they will look equally good as they did on your ceremony.

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