5 Practical Tips for Unforgettable Bridal Portraits

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Unforgettable Bridal PortraitsBridal portraits are some of the most important wedding photographs. However, if you are camera-shy, posing for portraits may be more terrifying for you than candid moments or action shots. Too many questions may crowd in your mind including how much you should smile, where you should place your hands, whether you should tilt your head or not, and so on.

The best affordable Pittsburgh wedding photographers share their valuable tips here for our brides to make their bridal portraits awesome.

1. Bring a Variety of Expressions on Your Face

It’s the happiest day of your life. But that doesn’t mean that you should always stretch your lips from one ear to the other and show all your teeth in each and every photo. Sometimes serious expressions can do wonders to the portraits. This also doesn’t mean that you should look angry and irritated. You should just try to look confident, cool, calm and composed. Let happiness be there in your mind and soul. It will show on your face in the photo.

2. Make Sure You are Comfortable in Your Dress and Accessories

Many brides decide not to wear their dress and accessories before their big day. However, if accessories, especially innerwear and shoes, are not properly fitting and comfortable, they can ruin you and your photos on the big day. So, don’t make that mistake. Make sure you are comfortable in them. If required break in the shoes properly. There is nothing more painful than biting shoes!

3. Surf Online and Offline Bridal Magazines for Inspiration

Another tip for camera-shy brides who are wondering how to pose before the camera, is to go through online and offline bridal magazines to get inspiration for poses. If you know that you have some flaws like double-chin, bird’s wings etc. look for photos of brides having the same flaws and how they have hidden them by posing properly. And you don’t need to pose exactly the same. Discuss with your photographer to find out how the pose can be customized to you.

4. Pay Attention to Hunger and Thirst

If you want to look beautiful in your portraits, you should feel comfortable and for that you should never remain hungry or thirsty. Keep eating something and drinking water every now and then. However, don’t overdo it so as to feel gorged.

5. Be Natural

You don’t need to bring expressions on your face that are not really yours. Just because you’ve seen, heard or read somewhere that certain types of facial expressions look good on brides, you need not try to bring those expressions. Just be natural and happy from inside and that will create the most beautiful photos of yours.

Try these tips and you’ll be happy to have unforgettable portraits that your friends too will praise. Happy wedding photo shoot!