5 Simple Tips to Enjoy Your Big Day in a True Sense

Posted by on Apr 5, 2018 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

ALP wedding photographyYou have devoted a lot of time on your wedding planning; how about enjoying the actual event? But beware! Stress can grab you and snatch your joy. And at the end day, you may feel detached and lose your interest. Don’t let that happen to you. Here are a few tips to let you enjoy your big day truly.

1. Don’t Forget to Break In Your New Shoes

You and your friends have chosen new awesome shoes for your big day. But if you don’t wear them before the event out of a fear that they will wear, you may make a grave mistake. New shoes often bite and if you get a shoe bite on your big day, your day may entirely be spoiled. You know how painful it is! So, break in those beautiful shoes so that they will be comfortable for you on the big day.

2. Don’t Keep too Many Things to Do in the Week of Wedding

A wedding is indeed a great pile of to-dos. But keep in mind to complete all the tasks well ahead of time and not to leave anything for the last minute. Especially, during the week of your wedding, you should not have too many things to do. They may linger up to your wedding day! A good idea is to enlist all the tasks and schedule them on particular timings. But more important is to stick to that schedule and complete the tasks. These include booking a venue, hiring vendors, buying the wedding dress and accessories, buying gifts for bridesmaids and guests, sending invites and other stationary, and more.

3. Eat Well

All through your wedding preparation and on the actual wedding day, you should eat well and maintain good health to stay healthy and happy. Choose healthy foods, avoid junk food that increases stress and start every day with great energy and not tiredness.

4. Have Some Time Just for You

Among all the guests and proceedings, you may get a very little time for yourself and your spouse. Be sure to take the time to be just with him in a quiet room, enjoy his company and have some romantic moments with him. Don’t forget to notify your caterer and planner about your plan so that they can arrange champagne and other romantic setting for you.

5. Have a Great Team

Having a great team to help you out will really make you relax on your big day. Ensure you hire reliable, experienced and talented vendors like ALP wedding photography that will eliminate all your worries. Find out more about ALP wedding photography here.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll enjoy your big day in a true sense.