5 Simple Yet Amazing Wedding Party Food Ideas

Posted by on Nov 16, 2014 in Wedding tips |

b_rne_menuA wedding is the most memorable day in the lives of the bride and the groom. It is equally exciting for all those friends and family members involved in it. All the preparations for the wedding start months in advance.

Organizing a wedding and a party can be a daunting exercise. Many people hire professionals to arrange their wedding and all celebrations for the big day.

While the wedding ceremony is the most important part of the day, the wedding party that comes after becomes the main attraction for all as everyone gets to relax, unwind, eat, dance and enjoy! And the food becomes the most important part of the celebration. For some readily available food services, check out Danish based company Festkongen. They offer special party food services. Some of their scrumptious-looking creations are given here.

bryllups_madYou can always follow some easy tips for wedding party food and ensure that your day is special not only for you but also for everyone else.




  1. Keep a theme – A themed wedding will not only ease a lot of your decision making process for the whole celebration, but it will also help you to streamline your menu and help avoid wastages or extras. So stick to a beach theme and have seafood only or farmhouse and have poultry or a spiritual one and have vegetarian food only.
  2. Go local and don’t serve out of season – If you are trying to serve anything that is not locally available you will add up to your cost unnecessarily. So stick to local food that belongs to the season. Remember seasonal food will add maximum flavor to your dishes.
  3. BYOB – The not-so-recent concept of Bring Your Own Booze will not only help cut your cost of the party but also add fun to the party by ensuring that each person has their own favorite booze.
  4. Think creatively for desserts – Instead of spending loads of money on an expensive wedding cake why not play with your desserts and think out of the box. Make your own tiered wedding cake with your favorite cupcakes. Additionally you can also make small takeaway boxes of these cupcakes as a mouthwatering wedding favor for your guests.
  5. Don’t forget the presentation – No matter how small or big your wedding party budget is presentation is all that matters. So jazz up your food display and think creatively so that your wedding remains the talk of the town for days to come.