5 Tips to Choose Perfect Flowers for Your Wedding

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Wedding couple with flowers Flowers are an essential part of wedding. Though you may want to eliminate them from your wedding for the reasons like low budget or flower allergy, you have to include at least a few of them in your wedding decoration. Here are some tips for choosing the right flowers for your special day.

Let Your Personality Reflect in the Flowers

Wedding Flowers color combinationIf you love flowers and are going to use them in plenty in your wedding, don’t choose them haphazardly. Let your personality reflect in the floral decoration. E.g. you can create some beautiful combinations of double or triple colors, like yellow and white, red and white, purple and white, blue and green, orange and pale yellow, and so on. You can choose these colors according to your jewelry and accessories, and your overall wedding theme.

Take Advice of the Florist

Wedding Flowers color combinationA good florist can advise you about which flowers you should choose to suit your wedding theme. So, you can prepare a lot of questions to ask to the florist before you head towards the shop.



Some basics to remember

  • Less is more! Just a few flowers can add a splash of colors, fragrances and charm to your wedding, which has been already made beautiful with other elements.
  • Foliage too can be an excellent contributor to the floral decoration in your wedding. So, don’t forget to add a dash of greenery to the mishmash of other colors.
  • Find a florist that shares your vision.

Wedding Flowers with foliage

Research Flower Types

beautiful flower arrangementIf you don’t know much about flowers and their types and colors, you can start researching well ahead of time, on the internet, in bridal magazines, and even gardening publications that are focused on flowers. If you are not able to understand what you really like, just looking at the beautiful pictures in these magazines can give you some idea about what you will prefer for your wedding. Visiting the local flower gardens is also a good idea. Learning about the different meanings and “language” of flowers is also helpful to you in making decision. Some classic wedding flowers with which you cannot go wrong are orchid, roses, lily of the valley, calla lily and peony.

Decide the Role of Flowers in Your Wedding

bridesmaids bouquetsAlong with choosing the right type of flowers that you really want for your wedding, also decide about the role flowers should play in your wedding. Some of them are:



  • Bridal bouquet and bouquets for bridesmaids and other wedding party members
  • On the altar, at the end of pews, around candelabra, windowsills, chancel steps, etc
  • A decorated arbor or arch
  • Dinner tables
  • Carpet of flowers

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