6 Amazing Bridesmaid Gift Ideas to Make Your Friendship Everlasting

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bridesmaid gift SingaporeWedding is a real fun day not only for the bride but also for her maids. It’s amazing to gift your beloved friends and sisters something nice that they would love and appreciate your thoughtfulness. Here are some amazing bridesmaid gift ideas.

1. Jewelry

Is there any woman in this world who doesn’t like jewelry? When you’ll gift a fantastic piece of jewelry to your girls, they are bound to be amazed. Choose from delicate bracelets, necklaces, earrings and many more. Watch a great range of jewelry as well as other bridesmaid gifts at bridesmaid gift Singapore. The best part is that all these gifts can be personalized and added a special touch with which your bridesmaids will remember the fun day forever.

2. Hand-embroidered Hankies

They are our best friends in sweaty, humid and oily conditions – hankies can be the best gift for your maids! Choose hand-embroidered handkerchiefs the embroidery on which will please your gals and every time they will use them, they will remember their best friend – you!

3. Canvas Pouch

Another gift loved by most girls is a pouch which helps them to keep essentials like makeup kit, keys, safety and bobby pins, clips, money and so on. As girls don’t usually have pockets on their dresses unlike men, they have to carry a purse or pouch and so, choosing this pouch as your bridesmaid gift will be proven to be indeed thoughtful on your part.

4. Pamper Day

How about taking your maids on a pampering day and surprise them with various treatments? Won’t it be a fantastic gift? I am sure, each of your bridesmaids will be excited to have a day in a great salon taking spa, massage, manicures and pedicures, and many such treatments. Instead of a hen’s party with just snacking and drinking, let them have something beautifying which they will love a lot!

5. Bride Tribe Tattoos

It’s an amazing and a really off-beat idea to have a gold tattoo of ‘Bride Tribe’ on all your bridesmaids’ arms to create a bridal gang! There are various patterns available and the glow of the golden tattoo will match the glory of the event.

6. Travel-themed Coffee Table Books

Your maids would love coffee table books if you gift them with ones with the theme of travel inspired by your wedding destination and your bridal party can enjoy a little slice of town back with the books!

If you were daunted about what to gift to your bridesmaids, I am sure your confusion has eliminated with the above tips. Give those amazing gifts to them and make your friendship everlasting.