6 Amazing Entertainment Ideas for Your Big Day

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Wedding entertainment is of immense importance when the wedding couple cares for their guests. If you want your guests (and yourself too) amused all the time and not bored, you can become a bit creative and use a few amazing ideas to entertain your guests. Experts at YesEntertainment.co.uk, a company specialized in wedding and corporate entertainment in London share some fantastic ideas for keeping your guests amused all through your big day.

1. Open Dance Classes for Your Guests!

Hire a dance instructor who will teach easy (as well as hard) dance steps to your guests. This will not only entertain your guests but also bring the shy and hesitating guests on the floor and all will have real fun!

2. Let Them Enjoy the Company of a Celebrity

Don’t worry! You don’t have to spend a fortune on hiring a celeb to entertain at your wedding! It’s just an impersonator that will mingle with your guests, pose for photos with them, mimic the famous dialogues of the celeb and liven up your wedding!

3. Hire a Sommelier

A sommelier would be a great entertainer and the idea of holding a wine, liquor and champagne tasting is amazing. The sommelier or beverage expert will not only offer your guests samplings of the drinks, but also a bit of insight on flavors.

4. Arrange a Traditional Dance Performance

Link your ethnicity to your big day and show off your heritage by arranging a traditional dance performance, such as Irish dance, belly dance, Latin music or salsa! Guests can participate in the dance to enjoy some flamboyance.

5. Magician, Tarot Card Reader, Balloon Artist or Caricaturist

One of these artists or performers will bring some best moments in your big day. Everyone would be eager to see the arts or know their future from the tarot card reader. This fancy entertainment will give your wedding a unique touch.

6. Entertainment for Kids

Kids are normally extremely bored at events like weddings just after the initial excitement is over. You can arrange something specially for their entertainment too, which the adults would also enjoy, like a puppet show or a kids’ movie. Even the balloon artist and magician will be good entertainers for kids.

Yes Entertainment is a leading entertainment agency in London and has a range of entertainment ideas including amazing live music, DJ & disco, dance, caricaturists, magicians and many more, for weddings, corporate events, Christmas and any other events.

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