7 Tips to Get Exclusive Discounted Deals on DIY Wedding Flowers

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DIY wedding flowersIf your big day is around the corner and whether or not you are on a tight budget, you surely want everything to be awesome as well as for low prices as far as possible. Well, if you are a DIY bride, there are various ways for you to save money, one of which is for your DIY wedding flowers. Let’s see what they are.

1. If you are keen about color, you may want to order a sample batch (may not be available always) or ensure that you pick up particular varietal that you know you love. For example, you can choose to save money by ordering in bulk just by the generic color. Rather than spending $220 on 200 “Vendela” roses, you can order 200 roses of “light cream” color for $200. You even might end up getting Vendela but won’t have to pay the additional 20 bucks since you are flexible.

2. Before you place an order, search on the internet for a coupon code. You can save quite a huge amount with the code which you get along with your sample consignment. Give yourself sufficient time to get affordable vases. You can get them for as low as $1 each at craft stores.

3. Get adequate buckets and flower food beforehand and change water as per the directions. Choose a good stem stripper and also a strong pair of shears for cutting thick stems, which is difficult with normal scissors.

buckets of flowers

4. In case of roses, remember to remove the outer petals, upon which the roses look nice.

5. Don’t throw flower heads which break off as you go along; save them for putting around the cocktail lounge, around votives, and so on. You can even strip off their petals and spread them around.

6. Have a helper if possible. A great helper can let you relax and do some last-minute jobs, so that your flowers can be DIY-with-a-twist. You can even have some free friends and family members, if your budget doesn’t permit a paid helper.

7. You can enjoy money savings; you want to achieve certain look and you want that under a specific budget. The only way to achieve both is to order online and provide materials and labor yourself.

Thus you can save with your DIY wedding flowers more than triple you would spend otherwise. Try these tips and enjoy great money-saving while celebrating your big day.

rose petals spred in wedding