7 Unique Wedding Flower Arrangement Ideas

Posted by on Jan 25, 2017 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

unique wedding flower arrangementsIf you believe that flowers are inevitable in your wedding, you are not alone. Your mom, aunt and dear friends may try to convince you to do without them or get some other alternative, but you are not getting convinced. Reason is simple – you want to associate your best day with the flowery memories, their soft fragrance and all the freshness they bring with them! Here are some unique flower arrangement ideas for your big day to make the most of flowers.

1. Flower Fountain

The idea of a chocolate fountain is quite old and common now. Why not to have a flower fountain for your wedding? You can use a simple combination of the green foliage and white hydrangea flowers or a riot of colors. Arrange such a fountain amidst a pool and add more romance to the scene by floating lily pads and candles in the pool water.

2. Flower Backdrop

Instead of the usual church scene, why not to have some fresh greenery and colored blooms from floor to ceiling and get an awesome backdrop for your ceremony photos?

3. Unique Combinations

Another unique idea is to create unusual combinations for your bridal bouquet – add kale with its lush unmatched green hue and deep purple tinge, to flowers! The superfood will also accentuate the beauty of your bouquet with its presence.

4. Incorporate Fruits

Along the lines of the above idea, you can also include colorful fruits to your bouquet as well as other flower arrangements such as centerpieces. E.g. grapes make a great addition to flowers and create a beautiful cascading effect.

5. Staircase Full of Flowers

If you will be conducting your big day in a mansion, you may find a grand staircase there. And you can make full use of it – to decorate it with flowers! Believe me, you will feel flowers all through your way to the altar.

6. Green Lampshades

Let your florist top off tall glass vases with lampshades covered with moss! You need not sacrifice the flowery part of the centerpieces as you can fill the vase with fresh colorful blooms!

7. Taped Flowers

Simple yet attractive, flowers taped on the walls of your wedding venue bring colors and freshness in the atmosphere to create just the right feel you want. The task is easy to do and creates a great effect with minimalism.

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