8 Tips and Ideas for Your Beautiful Bohemian Wedding

Posted by on Mar 7, 2018 in Wedding tips |

Bohemian weddings incorporate an inspiring mix of vintage, rustic and natural details into their design and they are perfect for brides and grooms looking for an ethereal, laid-back and non-traditional wedding style. Because hippie-chic is more than airy boho wedding dresses and flower crowns, we’ve gathered seven amazing tips and ideas on making your bohemian wedding perfect!

1. Grab Persian carpets and rugs for an outstanding open air ceremony. Whether you want to create a nomadic corner at the reception or make a vintage-inspired aisle to the altar, Persian carpets and rugs are must-have pieces for boho-chic weddings. Combine these beautiful rugs and carpets with floor cushions to create an ultimate laid-back atmosphere.


2. Glass jars are an inexpensive and popular alternative to vases and they look even more stunning with wild flowers. Not only they are bohemian to the bone, but these jars also add an eco-friendly touch to your special event.

3. Fairy lights can make even the coldest and the most sterile place welcoming and warm and they are a beautiful addition to a hippy-chic wedding. Drape them over a tree or around tables or use them to illuminate the altar; whatever you do, you can’t go wrong with fairy lights.

4. Make your dreams about perfect bohemian wedding true with dream catchers! You can use mini versions as seating cards, maxi pieces as table runners or they can simply dangle from trees. In any case, dream catchers are an inevitable and fitting addition for a hippy-chic open air event.

5. Succulent plants add a Californian touch to outdoor weddings. You can arrange them in bouquets, place them as centerpieces or strew succulents in large pots around the venue.


6. Hippie-chic vehicle of choice is undoubtedly a Volkswagen van. It’s perfect as a background for boho wedding photos, but you can also use it to exit your big event after the ceremony.

7. Rustic mismatched candles are crucial for making a bohemian wedding even more romantic and ethereal! Place them on beautiful hippie-chic candelabras or scatter them among the tableware to add soft, warm light to your wedding settings.


8. Be unique! Break the rules, show you’re free-spirited, walk around barefoot, do whatever you want to celebrate your unity in your own unique way!