9 Offbeat Engagement Ring Trends that will Make You Stand Out

Posted by on Mar 21, 2018 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips |

Engagement RingIf you want to do something offbeat when it comes to your engagement ring, you have got a lot of options. From vintage-inspired designs and colorful center stones to mixed metal settings, there’s a range of hot trends today in bridal jewelry. Here are some attractive options that may trigger your creativity.

1. Rose Gold

When you look at this pink gold, you realize why it’s making a huge comeback. The womanly rosy shade goes with all skin tones.

2. Colorful Diamonds

If you want to choose a nontraditional route, a colored diamond is one of the best choices. There are so many colors available in diamonds, such as pink and yellow, that stand out from the crowd without feeling too overdramatic. If you want to go still a step further to make a bolder statement, consider a super-modern black or chocolate diamond.

3. Marquise-Cut and Pear-Shaped Diamonds

While a round-cut diamond is still a popular choice for the center stone, marquise-cut and pear-shaped diamonds are making a comeback. A great plus of these tapered cuts is that they immediately elongate and slim your fingers.

4. Colorful Gemstones

If you want a colorful center stone but don’t want to go for a colored diamond, you have plenty of fantastic options out there. E.g. sapphires are nice alternatives to pink and yellow diamonds, while emeralds and rubies can give off a vintage vibe. Still another great option you can consider is of a stone with multidimensional color, such as alexandrite, that creates an amazing color-change effect.

5. Floral Accents

The hottest trend of today in engagement rings is to incorporate flowers, vines, petals and other elements straight from the garden. They add a floral-inspired halo and thereby a whimsical touch to the feminine engagement ring.

6. Square Bands

Engagement rings wit square bands are not only completely sleek, but also they are more comfortable than round bands because their square edges won’t constrict or pinch your fingers.

7. Vintage-inspired Designs

Take a clue from vintage-inspired trends and consider an engagement ring with Victorian or art deco flair. A ring with an heirloom quality can’t go wrong – it’s glamorous as well as timeless.

8. Scrollwork Settings

Having a more organic look than a vintage-inspired ring, an ornate setting having scrollwork (or flourishes that look like scrolls) has a playful, innovative feel.

9. Detailed Side Views

Ornate details on the sides of your band will make your ring look fantastic from all angles. You can even choose a chain-like effect or any other design of your choice that can symbolize the eternal bond.

Consider these various options and stand out!