Agnes & Adam In Sweet Nostalgia

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Wedding of Agnes Adam at Grecian ParkThis is the story of a romantic couple who fell in each other’s love at first sight and their love saga started and progressed on the dreamiest path, a couple would have dreamed of ever! These are Agnes and Adam in sweet nostalgia of their wedding at Grecian Park Hotel, Cyprus, which is a lot more than just a hotel or a wedding venue! Their Wedding Photography at Grecian Park was done by Cristian Dascalu, which is so stunning that you will feel that you are watching a classic romantic film masterpiece!

It all started six years ago, when Agnes and Adam saw each other in the dim lights of a nightclub and it was love at first sight. He was attracted towards her beauty and she was attracted towards his charming and joyful nature. Their first date fell aptly on a Valentine’s Day!


The romance eventually culminated in a proposal on the stunning backdrop of the iconic Grand Canyon. Soon after this, they were gifted with their first child, a pretty baby girl, Mia.


This love, trust and commitment had to be celebrated and so, they planned their wedding which would make them nostalgic about the sweet relation they have throughout the journey together and they chose the beautiful country of Cyprus for getting married, at the elegant Grecian Park Hotel.

Wedding of Agnes and Adam

Wedding photography should be able to tell you the story of the love the couple enjoys, their glances towards each other, their gestures, their laughs and tears, the special gifts they bring for each other, and their efforts to express joy and festivity of the moment! The wedding photography of Agnes and Adam exemplifies you how wedding photography should be! Just look at some of the magical wedding moments here in this article and a lot more on The photographs will inspire you to fall in love, to lead a life together with your significant one forever and create your own love memorabilia that will inspire others and emphasize the importance of love and commitment!

Wedding of Agnes and Adam at Grecian Park