Alternative Bouquet Ideas For Offbeat Brides

Posted by on Nov 10, 2014 in Wedding tips |

chasing rubies 2Most women adore flowers and have a difficulty finding JUST one wedding bouquet for their big day. But, what if real flowers simply aren’t your thing? Don’t worry, we have several adorable ideas for alternative wedding bouquets!

BROOCH bouquets are perfect for vintage and romantic weddings. They add a touch of elegance to your bridal outfit, so go for a brooch bouquet if you love a bit of a bling. These bouquets can be completely customized to suit your wedding color and theme and, in addition, they will last forever!

BUTTON bouquet is the perfect option for offbeat weddings with a bright fun theme. Since buttons come in all shapes, sizes and colors, plus they are quite cheap to buy, button bouquets are both alternative and affordable. If you mix buttons with feathers, jewels and artificial flowers, you can make a stunning and unique bridal bouquet.

FABRIC bouquets are for brides that are not fans of real flowers, but still hate the hard structure or brooch or button bouquets. Fabric flowers have a softer feel and look more naturally, while being so customizable to match the wedding theme and colors. Plus, you can even use fabrics to match elements of your groom’s suit, such as tie or the lining!

BEADED bouquets, especially homemade ones, would not only look fantastic on the wedding day, but they would also make beautiful and meaningful presents for bridesmaids to keep. There are plenty of tutorials online for creative brides interested in learning new skills. Nevertheless, they do take a little more time to make.

music bouquetPAPER flower bouquets are becoming more and more popular with brides. The options with paper as material are endless! If you and/or your partner are musicians, you can use vintage sheet music to create flowers. If, however, you have been bounded by the favorite book, why won’t you create a wedding bouquet out of exactly that novel? In any case, paper bouquets would cost pennies.

Have you got the idea? Let yourself be creative and think outside the box and we’re sure you’ll have a lovely bridal bouquet on your wedding day!