Alternative Wedding Registry Ideas

Posted by on Apr 26, 2013 in Wedding tips |

wedding registry ideasIf this is your second marriage or you already have enough household items to set up your sweet home, you probably need some exotic wedding registry ideas. This time we won’t discuss wedding registry advantages and etiquette, just some alternative ideas.

Home Improvements. Maybe you have all the kitchen supplies and appliances, but perhaps you need some renewing? Let your guests help you and make a kitchen of your dreams! We all know this is a small investment, but even if your guests don’t manage to completely cover your home improvement activity, at least they will cut off a significant expense.

Lower your Payment when purchasing a home. Yes, it is possible. Imagine how your guests would be delighted to know they are helping you to buy a house or flat!

Honeymoon! This is how it often goes. Couples spend a small fortune organizing their astonishing wedding and they just forget to leave some amount for their honeymoon. Well, they do have their honeymoon, but they don’t visit the destination they have been dreaming about. So, don’t let this happen to you and allow your guests to help you go anywhere you want to spend the first weeks of your lives as a husband and a wife.

Wedding photography registries. This service allows brides and grooms to ‘register’ for additional products from their photographer that they couldn’t / wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves. For instance a giant canvas gallery wrap for your living room, extra pages for your wedding album, large matted prints, anything that the photographer offers anyway, can be registered for. If your photographer doesn’t currently offer a registry service, tell them they can set one up easily here: Wedding Photo Registry.

Donate to the charity or cause. If you are environmental friendly or you care about homeless, poor or sick, maybe your wedding is the best opportunity for you to give some higher amount of money to some organization. Keep yourself informed about possibilities, this is the way to give an extra meaning to your wedding day.