An Easy and Affordable Solution for Having a Modest Bridal Gown

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modest bridal gown with sheer dressLet’s face it, all of us are not film heroines or ad models! We have blemishes, pimples, fine hair and scars on our hands neck, chest and back. So, what shall we do when we have to wear a strapless bridal gown on our big day? You might see two solutions – firstly apply so much foundation and makeup on our hands, neck, chest and back that all the blemishes will get hidden or secondly, we can convert our strapless dress into a modest one by adding fabric to it. But do you know how much it will cost? A lot! If you hadn’t thought of it yet and now you have suddenly encountered the bitter truth, don’t worry! has a fine solution for you – a modest bridal gown!

Modest Bridal Suit through Second Skin Bodysuit

The second skin bodysuit is sheer and comes in every color like white, ivory and off-white. This bodysuit is four way stretch with long sleeves. It’s made up of 82% nylon and 18% spandex and is perfectly air permeable. It fits any body type and nobody can know that you have worn a different suit inside your bridal gown. The long sleeves of the bodysuit can be folded or kept as they are, to hide your scars and blemishes, or even a tattoo or flabby arms. You can also pair any type of jewelry and accessories with it.

sheer bodysuit

If you choose to add fabric to your strapless gown, it will not only be quite costly but also won’t look as good as you might visualize with the add-on fabric. The sheer second bodysuit makes your bridal gown look beautiful and gives an elegant and modest look to it. What’s more the mesh fabric is absolutely comfortable and breathable, even at night.

black sheer dress

If you are a bride-to-be and have got a strapless dress and now are wondering about how to make it modest to hide whatever deformities your hands and neck have, you have at last fortunately found this great solution, which is much more affordable than adding fabric to your strapless dress.

So, isn’t that a simple and fantastic solution? Why don’t you try it? They have got some great discounts too. Check it out!

modest bridal gown with sheer dress