An Exceptional Ring for Your Engagement and/or Wedding

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aphrodite 161ct certified natural diamond skull white gold engagement ringWhat is your idea about celebrating your engagement and big day? Do you want the days to be regular or something special and unique, that you and your guests will remember forever? If you want something unique, and umm… bizarre, I have something for you – “Aphrodite” Skull Ring! This certified natural diamond engagement ring will make your day special and unforgettable! Let’s know more about this exclusive and exquisite ring!

Centre Stone

The centre stone of the “Aphrodite” ring is a 1.00 (or 2.00) carat diamond. This is graded by a Certified Independent Diamond Grading Laboratory – GIA or IGL Laboratories. IGL Laboratories is a well-established, reputed and trusted diamond grading house where diamonds from all over the world come for grading. People thus put their businesses in IGL’s hands and trust their expertise, so, IGL is very careful with both. So, you can imagine the preciousness of the Aphrodite ring diamond.

Side Stones

In the picture, you can see the beautiful side stones of Aphrodite ring. These are 0.61 carat Natural White Diamonds with color D-G and clarity VS2- SI2.


The metal of Aphrodite ring is white gold which is available in 10K, 14K and 18K. You can choose as per your liking. White gold is used to hold diamond because pure gold is too soft to achieve that. White gold has pure gold plus some other alloy metal (like silver, palladium, zinc or nickel), where the percentage of pure gold varies and a white look is achieved with the alloy metal. To give a very white color to the metal, rhodium plating is applied.

In the line of Aphrodite rings, Black Rhodium Gold Rings are available too. These rings don’t appear totally black but somewhat grey.

aphrodite 161ct certified natural diamond skull white gold engagement ring


This is perhaps the most attractive and unique part of the ring. There are two beautifully crafted skulls on both sides of the central diamond of the ring, resting just below it. This is an exceptional design and if you are a fancy kinda person, you are going to love it!

The beautiful Aphrodite ring is available with with easy payment plans. You can also customize the design and put in your personal touch in the ring. You will have to order a customized ring before 2-3 weeks. Free worldwide shipping is available.

So, what are you waiting for? Your search for a unique element for your outstanding wedding is over! Get the exceptional ring and cherish it for life!

aphrodite 161ct certified natural diamond skull white gold engagement ring