Arrange a Perfect Jewish Wedding Party with Ori Edelsburg

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Jewish Wedding partyIf you are going to celebrate your Jewish wedding, you will have lots of fun on your big day. Jewish weddings are full of fun and features lots of meaningful traditions. However, many people don’t understand how to organize a perfect Jewish wedding party, and here you need an excellent party organizer like Ori Edelsburg! Based in Israel, Ori Edelsburg arranges all types of party events like weddings, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, and more.

What to Expect from a Jewish Wedding Party?

Your Jewish wedding should be characterized by the traditions and rituals. The actual day of wedding is considered to be the holiest and happiest day of the life of the chatan (groom) and kallah (bride). They forgive all of each other’s past mistakes and become a new and complete soul.

For this special occasion, chatan and kallah observe fast from dawn till the completion of wedding ceremony. At the time of the ceremony, the chatan wears a kittel, a white robe.

In a Jewish wedding, the bride and the groom are considered as queen and king and hence kallah sits on a throne for welcoming guests, while chatan is greeted by songs and toasts by people who surround him.


Ashkenazi is a ritual in which mothers of bride and groom break a plate together, symbolizing seriousness of commitment.


Badeken is a special ceremony when chatan (groom) veils kallah (bride) symbolizing love for the soul and character rather than physical appearance.


Chuppah is very important in the wedding, because the ceremony takes place in it. It is a canopy which symbolizes a home that the new couple will build together. It is open from all sides, symbolizing a welcoming nature and unconditional hospitality.

And there are many more customs and rituals in the wedding that make it colorful.

Ori Edelsburg – A Perfect Party Organizer

Ori Edelsburg is a highly experienced party organizer and has a rich repository of places where you can celebrate your big day, just as you want. He organizes each event with a twist to the commonplace thinking and so, his parties are unique and fun.

You might think of saving by organizing the party on your own; but the truth is exactly opposite. Because of the professional relationships of Ori Edelsburg with various wedding vendors, he can get heavy discounts and thus can save your money. He is very keen on avoiding unnecessary expenditure.

So, if you are planning to have a Jewish wedding, contact Ori Edelsburg to listen to his cool party ideas which you may love for your big day!