Avoid Losing the Treasure of Sweet Memories

Posted by on Dec 16, 2013 in Wedding tips |

aaron rose wedding videographyOur group of friends had almost finished watching the video of Jennifer’s wedding and though we had a lot of laughs and giggles during the entire show, Jennifer herself looked quite saddened and the reason of her sorrow and our laughs was the same – her wedding video! Actually she had given particular attention to every detail of her wedding, but nothing was being seen that superb in the film! Why? Our another friend, Tista – an amateur videographer had been assigned the task to shoot the wedding. Result? A shady, foggy, shaky, grainy wedding film for poor Jennifer!

And this happens with many brides. They are very keen about their wedding dress, jewelry, accessories, decoration, menu, favors, and everything. But… they tend to forget that it is important to treasure all the beauty of the event in form of photos and videos, for which a professional videographer is as much important as the wedding dress and the wedding ring! Just imagine, what will be your position when your aunt comes to visit you at your new home and asks you to show her the wedding video, which has been filmed horribly (because she doesn’t know that), just because you saved some money on a professional wedding videographer? Imagine it and you will realize the importance of hiring a professional to film your big day.

The Best Filming Can Be Done Only By A Professional

If you want that you and your family and friends should be able to see your big day for years to come in the best possible light with all the beautiful details of the event highlighted correctly, there is no alternative to a professional videographer. Remember that this is not the moment to let an amateur try his or her skills and offer you funny angles, awful shots or shaky camera footage. By hiring a professional, you ensure to avoid all these boo-boos. Plus, a professional videographer can modify his or her shooting style and gear according to the weather if you have an outdoor wedding and tackle with the challenges posed by interior lighting in case of an indoor wedding equally efficiently.

Your Wedding Film Is Not Just For You

Remember that your wedding is not big only for you, but for all your family members and friends, and so is its film. Each of your near and dear ones would want to watch it with love and so, it needs to be not only great, but greatly entertaining and exciting. And this can happen when you are not very conscious about the filming. Professional videographers know well how to shoot the event without being intrusive and by getting on good terms with the wedding photographers to create a harmony so that the shoot becomes natural, amusing and utterly pleasing.

Money – Is It A Big Concern Now?

Still, do you think that you should save on a professional wedding videographer? You are spending big bucks on other things but are they going to remain in your memory without being filmed? And after all, a wedding is not just dress, jewelry, decoration and dance – it is a lifetime event. While looking at its film, you will remember the joys, the sorrows, the excitement, the nervousness and all the emotions you experienced on your big day – if it is shot professionally! And don’t worry; there are various price levels available in the field of wedding videography. So, no matter whether you have set aside a thrifty amount for your wedding, you can hire a professional videographer comfortably.

So, if you are busy planning your big day, don’t plan to cut a professional wedding videographer as s/he is going to be the most essential component of your wedding – the creator of your sweet memories!