Awesome DIY Wedding Flower Ideas

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DIY_wedding flowersYour dream for your big day was of flowers and flowers everywhere. But when the day arrived, you faced the bitter realities of budget. But don’t worry! You still can have your special day really special with flowers, without having to stretching your budget. You will just need to work a bit harder, trigger your creativity, and collect some buckets and clippers. Yes, we are speaking about DIY wedding flowers. Let’s discuss further.


The idea of being surrounded by flowers is quite dreamy. But remember that the flowers should not wilt early to offer you the same feeling throughout your day. So, you have to ensure that you have a cool place to preserve the flowers. Next, you will need lots of buckets having cool water in them. Inquire with the florist about how many buckets will be required. Usually a bucket can accommodate two centerpieces. Prefer to order home-grown flowers so that they will be the freshest when delivered. After they arrive, keep them in buckets and keep on spraying them often so as to keep them fresh till your event.

cheap container - glass container

Keep sufficient time reserved for yourself to make bouquets and other flower arrangements. Ideally you should handle the flowers yourself, unless you can get a qualified and talented friend to handle them. Ensure that all the arrangements can be ready the day before wedding, which will eliminate the possibility of the eleventh-hour stress.



You might have loved and aspired for the tulip cascade carried by your recently married friend at her wedding. But understand that it is difficult to make. If you are a first-timer, it is more preferable to do simple bouquets given below.


Monochromatic nosegays are this year’s hottest! From a sweet bunch of stargazer lilies to a stunning arrangement of blush roses, nosegays are present for every bride. And above that, they are easy to make.


First remove all extra leaves and thorns. Wrap stems which are thinner with wire to strengthen them. Next, trim stems to the desired length – eight to ten inches are perfect. Hold the flowers together in your hand in such a way that they will have a dome shape. Wrap the stems with wire. Lastly, wrap the stems with a decorative ribbon or string, so as to cover the wire.

Presentation Bouquets

The 1920s’ favorite style of presentation bouquets is once again making its arrival. If you want to create a presentation bouquet, pick long flowers, like the beautiful French tulips, calla lilies, orchids, Asiatic lilies or delphinium. Start with the longest flower laying it on your work table and arrange other flowers in a descending order of their height beside the longest stem, so that it will create a shape of an arrow. Now, gather the flowers gently in hand and tie them with a beautiful bow a few inches below their heads. Isn’t it incredibly simple? And you have a gorgeous bouquet ready!

presentation bouquet

Floral Jewelry

How about wearing your bouquet rather than carrying it? Flowers can take the form of stunning jewelry like necklaces, earrings, rings and more. Make flower strings and wear them in neck, arms, waist and even hair.

flower jewelry

Floating Flowers

This is an awesome, easy and perhaps the most amazing floral arrangement. Take clear glass bowls, fill them with water and float flowers or flower petals in them. You can add candles and other embellishments to make them look more beautiful. You can keep the bowls anywhere in the wedding hall to make it simply elegant and fragrant.


Do you feel now that DIY flowers are difficult to make? Have you got a confidence that you can do it? If yes, try it and share the experience here after celebrating your wonderfully flowery big day.