Awesome Ideas for Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts

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cosmetic tote bag from Everything DecoratedOther than choosing the best dresses and wedding rings, and perfect menu, cake and entertainment, and booking the grandest venue, and perfect photographer and videographer, a newly engaged couple has to pay attention to numerous small details, and one of the most important of these is bridesmaid and groomsmen gifts.

Of all the guests that will attend your wedding, your bridesmaids and groomsmen are some of the most precious guests for you because they are your best friends and beloved siblings and cousins that will stand by your side on your big day. They will try to comfort you, do chores for you and support you. And therefore, it’s important to remember to express your friendship and gratitude towards them.

This is the reason, perhaps, that we have a beautiful tradition to give a memorable gift to each of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. So, whether it’s about the bridesmaid gifts or groomsmen gifts, you should plan well and make sure that the gifts are beautiful, appropriate and outstanding. Here are a few ideas.


Something They can Wear

You can consider gifting bridesmaids’ robes to your gals because they are a fantastic gift and will make your prepping photos look uniform and lovely! Capturing a robe shot with them just before you’ll slide in your wedding dress is always fun. And your girls can use them forever and find them super-comfy while doing hair and makeup. You can get some beautiful robes for your best friends at Everything Decorated. Here is an exclusive.

Embroidered Waffle Weave Kimono Robe from Everything Decorated

These are personalized robes to which you can add your initials or monogram. This is a beautiful, thigh-length, lightweight Embroidered Waffle Weave Kimono Robe and is appropriate for morning and bedtime routines and your bridesmaids are surely going to get excited with it.

Something Shining

Can there be a girl in this world who doesn’t love jewelry? Hardly! Your bridesmaids too are going to be pleased with you if you find lovely pieces of jewelry for them. And your gift will also add a little unified bling to your photos with them. If you make your girls aware of the fact that you will be gifting them jewelry, they won’t have to worry about finding jewelry matching their dresses. Here is something awesome from Everything Decorated.

bar necklace from Everything Decorated

This lovely bar necklace can be easily personalized by having its rectangle plate engraved with names, dates, nicknames or whatever you want and features a 20” chain in stainless steel as well as rose gold. It comes with a stylish black gift box, ready for gift giving.

Something They can Carry

Girls always need a lot of small things whenever they move around. They need makeup things, trinkets, combs, safety pins and the likes. So, how about gifting your girls cute little wedding clutches in which they can keep their small yet essential belongings? Another great gift that they can carry around is tote bags which they can even use in the future for various purposes like carrying grocery and other shopping. Everything Decorated can help you even here.

cosmetic tote bag from Everything Decorated

Here’s a lovely cosmetic tote bag from Everything Decorated. It has a beautiful floral design and you can have an embroidered monogram to personalize it. It features a strong yet perfectly feminine zipper with extremely beautiful decorative gold vegan leather tassel that makes it even more attractive and offers safety.

The beauty of all these bridesmaid gifts is that they can be personalized and your bridesmaids can use them in the future and will surely remember you for many years to come.


Something of a Man’s Use

As you are a man yourself, you know that men love all kinds of weapons. So, why not make a weapon your groomsmen’s gifts? Grooms throw knives and even small axes as groomsmen gifts which make lovely pictures and of course, a manly memento of your wedding day.

Here are some exclusive knives from Everything Decorated!

engraved rescue knife from Everything Decorated

This engraved rescue knife is going to delight your groomsmen. It comes with a nylon pouch that can be easily attached to the belt. It features a stainless steel blade, rope/seat belt cutter and window breaker. It also has a large space for engraving so that the engraving becomes dark and really nice.

folding rescue knife from Everything Decorated

& here is one more! This folding rescue knife is made of black stainless steel and features an aluminum handle that is skillfully engraved. This is permanent engraving and needs no maintenance. It has a belt clip and is therefore very practical with its 3.25” blade that can tackle most jobs.

limited edition Gentleman’s Knife from Everything Decorated

This is another exclusive from Everything Decorated. This is a limited edition Gentleman’s Knife and is quality crafted. It’s black aluminum with a stainless steel blade in a sleek black finish or stainless steel with a wood overlay. You can get any two lines skillfully engraved featuring their names and your wedding date or 2-3 letter monogram, and your groomsmen will be delighted!

Something for Everyday Use

While gifting your groomsmen, you should aim for finding things that will be practical and useful even in the future. A great idea is to gift a classy wallet. Men always need wallets to keep their money, various types of transaction and business cards and even photos of their loved ones. So, your groomsmen are certainly going to love a high-quality wallet. Similarly, personalized business card holders will win your groomsmen’s hearts. Men use wallets to keep others’ business cards and sometimes their own cards too. In that case, if they have a special card holder for their own cards which they can stylishly take out and give cards, they will feel better and appreciate your creativity.

Here are some exclusives from Everything Decorated.

unique special trifold wallet from Everything Decorated

This one is a unique special trifold wallet for your groomsmen that is laser engraved monogramed and so, looks classy and stylish.

personalized business card holder from Everything Decorated

This personalized business card holder is felt lined and laser engraved with a superb black crisp finish into the faux brown leather. Plus its magnetic catch holds it closed offering neatness and security.

Everything Decorated has an endless array of bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts as well as party decorations. Thus if you are daunted with what to gift to your beloved friends that they will truly appreciate, you don’t have to worry as you have a lot to choose from. Choose them and please your friends.