Barn Wedding Tips- Rustic, Relaxed and Fun

Posted by on Jul 31, 2014 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

eat drink and be marriedBarns or barn-like locations can really set a mood like not many other venues, they add a rustic or country glamor to a wedding ceremony. In general, they call for having fun, being relaxed and dancing! Nevertheless, some careful planning has to be done in order to create a comfortable and joyful environment to your wedding guests. We’ll share some useful tips with you on how to manage the perfect barn wedding!

Once you book the barn you want, you should do a site walk through before booking other vendors. Together with your wedding planner, discuss the layout and the locations for reception, ceremony, catering, parking etc. You need to note the locations of electrical access and water, as well as what type of lightning (indoor and outdoor) is available. If you’re throwing a fall/winter party, think about the heating, while you should focus on cooling issues if your big event will be held in spring or summer.

rustic-wedding-barn-flowers decorWhen it comes to lightning, clusters of lanterns are ideal solution for rustic events, because they can provide light in darker corners of a barn. If you want to get more of a chic shabby look, use candles with chandeliers. To highlight the texture in wooden walls and to give the whole room a cozy warm glow, opt for an amber up-lightning. That’s for the interior, but you need to think about the outdoor lightning. After the Sun goes down, it’s necessary to add lights to outside walkways. Candles in large mason jars and/or luminaries look really stylish.

Barn weddings offer a great idea to show your creativity and make your big day unique, different and personal. But, since you’re not a wedding planner yourself, you might be feeling lost and confused. Where to start from? Nowadays, Internet is full of information and ideas. When I want to, for example, redecorate my home, I look for pictures on Pinterest and just collect all those that look appealing to me. You could do the same with your big day planning. After choosing several decor ideas, you can combine them all for a personal, unique look. Start with the table linens, continue with tableware and finish with centerpieces and flower ideas. For a barn wedding, you can bring in a few pieces of vintage farmhouse accessories and furniture.

Have fun with your planning! When it comes to a visual appeal, with a barn wedding, you can’t go wrong. However, think about the comfort, since that can be a tricky part.