Beautiful Hardcover Wedding Photo Book Wrapped in a Glossy Dust Jacket

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weddings in a bookWedding being the most memorable day of your life, you take so much of pains to make it the best and the most unforgettable. You book the best venue, hire the best caterer, plan for the best dress, jewelry and makeup to look your best on the big day, discuss so many things with your wedding planner and do so many chores! All these efforts are taken only for one single day! But though wedding gets over just in a day, it has its own charm which makes you remember it all through the life, for which you hire the best photographer too. But have you ever thought that in what form will you store the collection of the golden moments? We have the best suggestion – a beautiful hardcover photo book wrapped in a glossy dust jacket by who are specialized in creating outstanding yet affordable books, photo books, magazines and diaries.

What Do Weddings In A Book Do?

Weddings In A Book design a lovely photo book with images of your wedding taken by your wedding photographer or by your guests. As long as the images are for domestic and personal use, you will be the sole owner of the copyright of this beautiful photo book.

Exception to this may be if your photographer includes a presumption clause in the contract you make with her/him, s/he will be the sole owner of the copyright. So, read the contract with the photographer carefully.

Weddings In A Book have detailed information of the Copyright Act on their website.

What Weddings In A Book Cannot Do?

Weddings In A Book cannot design a wedding photo book with images for which you don’t own a copyright. Therefore check the contract with your photographer to see if it includes a presumption clause, before ordering the photo book, diary or magazine.

But if at all, you have no copyright to your wedding photos, you need not be disappointed, as a lot of your family members and friends take high quality photos, thanks to the super-sophisticated cameras of smartphones and other devices. So, you can order the beautiful book for these images.

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Convenience and Affordability

In the first place, the book is so beautiful with its hardcover and wrapping of a glossy dust jacket. Moreover it is so affordable too! Your images are used to produce half- and full-page layouts, double-page spreads, adorned with your own poetry, messages or famous quotes. You can even create your own story to enhance the beauty of your book.

Other Creations

Weddings In A Book also design “keepsake” books, diaries and magazines, that too in various sizes. You can give these to your parents, guests and your bridal party just to say “thank you”.

You will Own the Copyright

You will own the copyright to any creation you order from Weddings In A Book. So, here you need not worry about the contract. The amazing treasure of memories is all yours!

So, if you are dreaming of a unique way of treasuring your wedding photos, you have the excellent way to do so with the golden magical photo book by Weddings In A Book!

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