Bridal Beauty – Work with a Pro

Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Do we even need to say that every woman wants to look gorgeous on her wedding day? Everything has to be perfect, music, venue, reception and food, but the bride, she has to shine! So, your makeup has to be flawless. If you are anxious about whether you will be able to put on an eyeliner appropriately, because of the bridal stress or simply because you are not much of a make-up person, do not worry. Most of the brides all around the globe hire a makeup artists for their wedding day. A professional makeup artist will give you pic-appropriate make-up that will stay put. However, you should look for the pro that will make you look simply the best.

If you have already chosen the pro that will do the job for you, you should work with your makeup artist. The fact is that they will know what suits you best first time they see your face, but they will be open-minded when it comes to your suggestions and critics. So, check out beauty magazines and online fashion blogs to show your pro what is the look that you have chosen. Keep in mind that your big day is the time to enhance your everyday look, but not to experiment too much. Yes, your groom is there waiting for you as you are walking down the isle, because he likes you just the way you are. So, be an improved version of yourself.

It is important to have some trial runs before your wedding day. So, schedule these practice sessions, if you have some special events prior your big day, such as class reunions, birthday parties, friends’ weddings etc. Even if your makeup artist does charge you for these trial runs, it is the best way to be sure you will get the perfect look for your own wedding.

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