Bridal Shopping Tips to Look Your Best on Your Big Day

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A Sweet WeddingOne of the most important days of a woman’s life is the day she gets married. This is the moment when the bride has all eyes on her! It is given that she would want to look her best on this particular day, irrespective of cast, creed or religion, every woman has this desire. After all, a wedding is a wonderful union that will determine the quality of a bride’s life away from loving care of her parents, as she steps into her husband’s home to be the homemaker. On this most important occasion of life, lots of fun shopping is also done. But bridal shopping is the most important because she is the center of attraction on the big day. Here are a few tips for bridal shopping.


Bridal Costume


Being a bride, first you should be clear about your needs. Next, set your budget and make a list of what you should buy first. First you should finalize the details of your wedding dress.

The bridal dress you will choose should depend on your body shape. Before you shop for your wedding dress, understand your body type and shop accordingly. Are you apple-shaped (plump), banana-shaped (straight), pear-shaped or bell-shaped (with a broad bottom) or hour-glass figure (the cutest figure)? Know which outfit would suit you and go for a custom-made dress and choose a suitable fabric. Depending on your figure type, you should choose a ball gown, A-line, trumpet, mermaid, sheath or tea-length gown.

If you choose to buy a ready-made dress, don’t forget to alter and re-stitch as per the need to suit your figure.

Choose costume color which suits your skin color. Traditionally, cream or ivory color is the best for a bridal gown. But today many brides love to choose an offbeat path and wear colored gowns.


Bridal Jewelry


After finalizing your wedding dress, choose the jewelry which will match your wedding dress. Try interchangeable wedding pieces, which are flexible and can be used on many occasions, even after your wedding day. While picking your earrings, keep your hairstyle in your mind.




Choose a pair of shoes that should match your attire.

Remember to buy 2 pieces of silver and golden color clutches because these two colors suits on any dress.

Also keep in mind to buy a bag which is helpful when you will go to honeymoon to carry your essential belongings.

Nowadays you can get the best bridal supplies online. Some websites, like the Etsy shop of “A Sweet Wedding” are especially designed for bridal shopping, e. g. wedding costume (which suitable with your religion), jewelry, shoes, other accessories etc.

After all, a wedding takes place only once (mostly) and one must make sure that it is one of the most enjoyable affairs of life!

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