Brooch Bouquets – Alternative Wedding Bouquets can be Personalized for Your Day

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brooch bouquetBrooch bouquets look fascinating and form a great alternative to traditional flower bouquets. They are made from brooches and so, you can indeed cherish them for years. You can use various types of brooches for your brooch bouquet, like rhinestone, pearls, crystals, beads, and even sometimes buttons, silk flowers, threads, and much more! You can also buy excellent brooch bouquets at online shops, where you can make your bouquet personalized and flaunt it on your big day.

Another major benefit of brooch bouquet is you can use the brooches in it, with which you have sentimental attachments. Maybe, a brooch has been presented to you by your mom on your graduation day, or another may have been gifted by a dear friend! You can decorate your bouquet with such valued brooches and then keep it forever with you, so that the brooches remain with you in one place without getting misplaced.

silver-rhinestone bouquet

Brooches are expensive and so you can seek them in thrift stores or garage sales and even ask for them to your friends and relatives. They will happily give them to you and look for the brooches they gave on your wedding day.

crystal bouquet

Another way to save money on brooch bouquets is to use other material like silk flowers, buttons, colored threads, feathers, ribbons, beads, and many such things and use them artistically with your brooches to make an amazing brooch bouquet!

silk flower bouquet

I read a fantastic idea on the internet that a bride-to-be wrote requests on invitations for her bridal shower to guests who may be willing to contribute to bring brooches which would be used in bouquet on her big day. It is indeed a great idea! You too can do that! The guests who contributed will also feel nice to see their brooches shining in the bouquet in the bride’s hand.

pearl bouquet

Another great idea is to visit internet and find out an online store which creates customized brooch bouquets! They use jewelry, artificial flowers, and many such things to create superb wedding bouquets. The bouquet is finalized only after your approval. You can make as many changes as you want to it. So, for a little extra money, you can get a wedding bouquet of your choice without wasting time, energy or efforts during your busy wedding schedule. After all, choice is yours, as it is your big day! And you know better how your bridal bouquet should look like; so, you can choose between making your own bouquet or buying a customized one!