Choose a Long Sleeve Cocktail Dress for Your Wedding Without Any Confusion

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royal blue dressCongrats on getting engaged! But are you daunted instead of being excited, with a thought of what to wear at your cocktail party? Well, don’t look so perturbed since help is available here! And also I can introduce you to some stunning long sleeve cocktail dresses for weddings by which are gorgeous enough to make you fall for them. But first, we’ll take a look at some useful tips.

A cocktail dress is necessarily a short dress. And when you cut something, you have to add something; so, it makes sense to have a cocktail dress having long sleeves, which may be both or only one! In the pictures of cocktail dresses by given in this article, you can see both these types and you can see that both look absolutely ravishing.

black one-long-sleeve dress

Classic or Contemporary?

Remember that if your cocktail dress is classic, it is not outdated or frumpy; classic cocktail dresses are the choice of even celebs walking the red carpet. But you can take a break from the classic and go for a more modish with scoop necks, stylized necklines and more.

white lacy dress

Three basic long-sleeve dress styles are:

  1. Sheer Sleeves: Of course, this is quite sexy and youthful and makes you stand out by offering a modern look.
  2. Low Necklines, Short Hemlines: Low necklines and short hemlines are a fine contrast to a dress which may be considered bit modest and offers it a sense of balance.
  3. White and Colored: You can wear a white long-sleeved cocktail dress or a colored one. You just have to be careful with the accessories for both these which should be different. As white is not a bold color, you should pair it up with bold-colored makeup and accessories like bold lipstick, royal blue or black heels, red belt, and so on, while choosing a color for your long-sleeved cocktail dress, consider your personality which should reflect in the color, e.g. bold colors will make you noticed in a good sense and muted colors will cause a calming effect.

Various Lengths

Cocktail dresses can be of various lengths. Following are some of them:

  • Tea Length: Ends about a couple of inches above ankle
  • Knee Length: Just above knees
  • Ballerina Length: Touches ankle

black dress with sequin

Remember these tips:

  • You should wear heels for adding a charm to your cocktail dress which flats cannot. So, choose heels and avoid flats
  • Shoes can be close or open-toe
  • While choosing hosiery, go for nude colors or sheer black
  • Avoid suits or skirts

With this much information, you need not be in confusion anymore about your cocktail dress. Just decide your style and buy one. Happy wedding and happy cocktails!

royal blue dress