Choose an Affordable Wedding Dress that Looks Expensive

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minimum embellishmentsOn your special day, you want to look really special; but is your low budget discouraging you? Don’t worry; lots of affordable wedding dresses are available out there which look expensive and elegant if you keep some points in mind. Let’s see what they are.

Prefer Soft Whites to Stark Whites

While shopping for your wedding dresses, prefer to choose dresses in soft shades of white like cream or ivory, rather than stark white. There is something sexy and elegant about the shades of white which pure white doesn’t have, when a bridal dress is concerned. Keep a pure white dress and an off-white dress near each other and compare; do you realize that?

prefer soft white to stark white

Check Material

Has the dress been made from a synthetic, low-quality material, got machine-made cheap lace and other embellishments? Keep it aside and turn to dresses with a high-quality material and handmade lace. Such a dress looks elegant though it’s simple and carries only a little adornment.

good material

Prefer Matte to Shiny

You will agree that dazzlingly shiny looks cheap, whether it is a wedding dress or any other dress. This is because getting attracted to shiny things is a childish mentality (unless it’s gold or diamonds :D)! So, your bridal gown may be expensive, but if it is overly shiny, your money would go waste, because it would not look good. And you should remember this not only about material but also about embellishments like rhinestones – remember, less is more!

prefer matte

Make Sexy Look Elegant too!

Do you want to look sexy on your big day? No problem! But remember that if you include too many sexy elements in your wedding gown, it will neither look sexy nor elegant, but cheap. Extremely plunging neckline, visible corsetry, open or lace-covered slit in the front or on back, lingerie-like details and similar things are good, but not together. If you include only one of them in your dress, your dress will look sexy as well as elegant.

sexy and elegant

Avoid Too Many Embellishments

Just like the above-mentioned “sexy elements”, too many embellishments are also harmful for your graceful looks. Bows, ruffles, laces, beading, lots of big rhinestone clips etc are also good if you choose only one or maximum two of them!

minimum embellishments

If You Can’t Manage a Strapless Dress, Don’t Go for One

You might have seen your friend wearing a strapless dress and looking ravishing on her wedding. But that doesn’t mean that you too can manage a strapless wedding dress even if you haven’t worn one in your life. Nothing can look cheaper than you pulling your 30-pound strapless dress up throughout the 10 hours of your wedding. Even strapped dresses look gorgeous; so, go for the one you can manage well – to look elegant!

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