Choose Shape of Diamond for Engagement Ring According to Your Sweetheart’s Personality

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shape of diamondsYou have found your dream girl and you are going to get engaged to her soon; you want the most splendid, most beautiful ring for your sweetheart! But do you know that deciding about the shape of the diamond in your engagement ring is of utmost important and should be chosen according to her nature? Remember here that “cut” of the diamond is not the same as its shape. While a diamond should be cut to give it a shape, the shape (round, square, emerald, etc) is basically its altogether geometry, whereas cut is its facets – things which offer brilliance and spark to the diamond. Visit the Genesis Diamonds blog to get a mind-blowing range of diamonds in all shapes and cuts. Let’s learn about the connection between the shape of the diamond and the personality of your better half to be.

Round Shape: Classic Girl

Often called RBC (Round Brilliant Cut) or brilliant, round shape is the commonest brilliant shape of diamond and is by and large the most popular shape of diamond for engagement rings. Round shape diamonds have 58 facets due to which light bounces from its bottom back through the tip, offering it the most striking sparkle. Round shape of diamond is the most timeless and versatile, looks modern and clean in simple settings, yet looks amazing in more elaborate settings too.

Famous Classic Girls: Angie Harmon, Mary J. Blige, Barbara Streisand, Madonna!


Princess Shape: Trendy Girl

Invented in 1961 by Arpad Nagy, princess shape of diamond has a range of complex facets (from around 49 to 144, based on the size of the diamond). Since then, trend-setter girls and their beaus have been choosing this sparkling shape for their engagement ring. Fun and flirty, princess shape is the second most popular shape of diamond after round. This square or rectangular stone having sharp corners has more facets that give it an added glitter and enhance the inherent shine of the diamond.

Famous Trend-setting Girl: Christine Baumgartner


Emerald Shape: Glamour Girl

If your girlfriend is gorgeous and clear, you should choose a diamond for her in this shape. Emerald shape is clear and gorgeous having a rectangular cut with lean, long facets extending below the sides. Though it lags behind in sparkle, it compensates with its cool confidence and calm elegance.

Famous Glamour Girls: Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, Grace Kelly


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Cushion Shape: Romantic Girl

Your girlfriend wants everything the best! So, for such a girl who understands what she wants, you should choose the romantic and fashionable cushion shape she is craving for! This is also called a pillow cut, cushions are rectangular with rounded corners and larger facets, that increase their sparkle.

Famous Romantic Girls: Ashley Judd, Brooke Shields


Marquise Shape: Drama Queen Girl

Marquise is majestic and has a dramatic history; it is said that this shape was discovered during the reign of Louis XIV in the 18th century, supposedly named after his mistress, the Marquise de Pompadour. The shape has unique tapered cuts. It is essentially oval and has rounded sides with points on each end – unique and dramatic, in short, much the same as girls who love to wear it.

Famous Drama Queens: Victoria Beckham, Catherine Zeta-Jones!


Oval Shape: Creative Girl

Just like round shaped diamonds, oval shaped diamonds too have a striking brilliance. Symmetrical and even, oval shape is popular as a solitaire amongst those having shorter fingers or smaller hands, because the oval shape gives an illusion of length to the fingers or hand. But the oval shape is usually flanked by smaller side stones, like diamonds, emeralds or sapphires.

Famous Creative Girls: Toni Braxton


Pear Shape: Distinct Girl

Blending the best of the oval and the marquise shapes, this fashionable and elegant hybrid looks like a twinkling dewdrop. Popular for earrings and pendants, the pear shape is also an excellent and unique choice for engagement rings, and can be “fat” or elongated based on your choice. Because of the imbalance of pear shape it is not normally set with intricate accent stones.

Famous Distinct Girl: Liza Minnelli


Heart Shape: Sentimental Girl

Heart shape is the ultimate symbol of sentimentality and romance, and is preferred by those who keep their hearts on their fingers. Usually a novelty and not common in engagement rings, this shape is chosen by just a select few as their symbol of love. Just like pear shape, heart shape stones can be fat or elongated and its beauty and sparkle is defined by the skill of the diamond cutter. Take care to examine this shape well to find if there are hidden flaws because this shape is hard to execute.

Famous Sentimental Girl: Joan Collins!