Choose your Wedding Favors Carefully

Posted by on Jun 15, 2012 in Wedding tips |

No doubt, wedding is a big day for the marrying couple and they want everything to be perfect. But it is not only memorable to you only, but it should also be memorable for your guests. By arranging for a perfect decoration and wedding favors, you can get people talking about your wedding for long time.

You can choose wedding favors of various sizes and shapes. They are tiny presents that are presented to the guests as thanking them for making it to your wedding. It is very important that you match the favors along with your wedding theme.

There is no need to spend a hell lot of money on buying wedding favors. You can even pick them up at thrift stores depending on the style of your wedding. Or you can also buy them online.

When it comes to wedding favors, many people go for comestible favors. These comestible favors may include cookies, chocolates, candies and mints in a designer boxes or tins. Giving an imitation of your wedding cake in the form of miniatures to your guests would be a great idea. Champagne glasses, wine, or chocolates are also a good idea.

If you are more into giving expensive favors, then you can go for porcelain or crystal. Small jewellery items, cufflinks or photo frames are also great options for wedding favors. Designer candles, key rings, cologne or perfume bottles are also most famous kinds of wedding favors these days.

If you want your wedding favors to be according to the tastes of your guests, then you can divide the favors into three different sections, for children, men and women. Favors for men can be created according to their interest or hobby, such as wine stoppers, bottle openers, and miniature whisky sets or ball shaped luggage tags.

Handkerchiefs with personal touch, frosted glass coasters, nail care kits silk fans are the best options for women. You can stick with edible flavors like small toys or sweets for your children guests. If you are limited on budget and can’t spend too much on favors, then you can give special gifts for your special guests, pageboys and bridesmaids and other guests with less expensive and smaller favors.

If your wedding is based on a particular theme, then keep your favors according to that theme. For instance, for a beach themed wedding, embedded seashells and candles are recommended. You can go for sets of chopstick for a wedding that is based on Asian theme.

For something unique you can consider giving gift certificates so that they can buy whatever they like. Lottery tickets are also good options for wedding favors.