Choosing a Perfect Vintage Engagement Ring – Things to Consider

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Emerald and Floral Halo Engagement RingIf you are wondering about what special can be done about your engagement ring, you can consider a vintage engagement ring. This is a lovely, cost-effective and ecologically sound option. You can consider a vintage engagement ring if you want to go beyond the common salary guidelines and make an individual, authentic and thoughtful choice. Here are tips to choose a perfect vintage engagement ring.


If you understand what are vintage engagement rings, it’s natural for you to expect that they should last for many years to come. But remember that vintage rings range from super-durable to super-delicate, just like modern-day rings. The flowery styles, commonly associated to vintage rings and their typical look are more fragile, for example. Also you should think upon how you are going to wear the ring. If you are wondering about whether you can get something durable as well as full of status, these two factors need not conflict because for durability, you should look for a sturdy construction and for status, you should look at the stone size.

Choosing the Wedding Band

Most vintage rings are individual pieces and while a ring is not paired with another ring in such a way, its design can be significantly appreciated. If you want to wear your wedding band along with the vintage engagement ring, it’s smart to buy them at the same time to ensure that the band won’t give a lot of wear to the engagement ring. Of course, wearing both of them separately in each hand is the best choice because it maintains the individuality of each of them.

Stone Setting

Remember to examine the stone setting of each stone on a vintage engagement ring and ensure that they are set firmly. If the ring tinkles when you shake it, it indicates that the stones are not firmly set. You can also gently feel in the sides of each stone with your fingernails to ensure that they don’t move.

Stone Size and Quality

Vintage rings belong to a time when the diamond trade was not so efficient and the precision technology of today didn’t exist. Therefore the popular 4C examination is probably of no use while checking the stones of a vintage ring. Hence the overall visual impact of the ring is what you should be most interested. Usually you will find that the vintage ring diamonds have a bit more subdued shine than a modern diamond. But you may even find it more elegant than a modern diamond, given the vintage look. However, this may differ from person to person. Some vintage diamonds look far bigger than your expectations because their diameter may dominate over depth. Another thing to remember is that your jeweler may be reluctant to set the diamond/s apart from a vintage ring to appraise them unless they are of significant value. So, you will have to stay satisfied on mere estimation of cut, color and clarity.

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