Choosing a Perfect Wedding Videography Style

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Annabel Law ProductionsWedding videography is comparatively a new element of weddings, but has captured a great popularity. Reasons are obvious. It captures the wedding moments while they are actually happening vis-à-vis photos which are still shots. In the form of a wedding video we can enjoy the full episode happening before our eyes again and again. And today with digital technology, wedding videos are improving more and more in quality. Gone are the days when videographers used the huge disruptive analog (VHS) cameras; today’s videographers use small discreet cameras. So, a videographer is an essential element of your big day. Annabel Law Productions is a leading provider of  wedding videography services in Singapore and are here to help our readers in finding the right wedding videographer for their big day.

Standard Services

Those videographers who provide basic documentation of the day are called “point-and-shoot” videographers. Obviously they are the cheapest ones.

Though these types of videos deliver the record of the wedding moments, some brides feel that they look somewhat cheesy because of the gimmicky graphics and sound effects. You can fix this by instructing your pro by cutting down these types of treatments.

Also you may want to instruct your videographer to avoid approaching your guests, requesting them to “say something” to the camera, because this is now considered very outmoded. Also ensure that the music included in the film is of your choice.

8 or 16 mm Film – a Real Splurge

If you want something “couture”, get your big day captured on a motion picture film, i.e. 8mm or 16mm film. This format offers you a lustrous, silky appearance of Hollywood movies. But remember that this is a luxury product and an hour-long film can cost as much as $2000. This is only the cost of the film; you will also have to pay an extra $3000 or even more for the filmmaker’s talent and time. However, you will understand that it’s indeed worth when you will get the amazing final product.

Documentary Style

If your budget is less, you can go for a documentary style video which is more stylish than the basic video. In this style, your wedding is covered like a news story. Recording of the moments is quite thoughtful with dramatic moments and beautiful images captured from the storyteller’s perspective.

The main videographer of Annabel Law Productions is Keith Ang who has over ten years of experience and has worked for several projects for Channel U, Channel 5, Channel 8, Okto. Visit the website of Annabel Law Productions to see many beautiful photos and videos and get more information.