Choosing a Wedding Photographer – Personality Does Matter

Posted by on May 13, 2015 in Wedding tips |

wedding photographer personalityAlthough almost every girl dreams about her wedding day, planning that special event is not an easy task. Picking the right wedding photographer can be especially tricky. With all those astonishing wedding images, different photography styles and wedding packages, many couples forget probably the most important consideration: wedding photographer’s personality. We have asked AIPP accredited photographer from Australia (visit for more information) why it is important to like your photographer as a person. Here’s what we have found out!

In general, couples are browsing wedding photography websites to find that perfect style for their wedding photo album. This is very important, because it helps you realize what you really like and you can also narrow down your choices quite easily. But, once you start interviewing wedding photographers for your lovely day, ask yourself a few hypothetical questions. Could you be friends with those people? Will your friends and family get along with that person? Finally, ask yourself whether you would like them as your wedding guests. If your answer to these questions is yes, chances are you’ll choose the right wedding photographer.

Above mentioned hypothetical questions might look strange to you, but they are very important. First of all, not all your wedding vendors will be your wedding guests, but a photographer is certainly going to be, therefore they need to fit in as such. On your wedding day, you’ll spend more time with your photographer than anyone else except your future spouse. Do you really want to be around someone who you don’t like? If you find your wedding photographer abrasive and/or irritating, your feelings will be revealed in your wedding pictures, no matter how hard (and insincerely) you smile.

In your initial consultation, your gut should tell you if a person you are interviewing will be a good fit personality-wise. Nevertheless, if you’re still unsure and yet you love their images, it’s recommended to hire them for an engagement shoot or arrange a second meeting. That’s certain way to see how you would match on your wedding day and whether a photographer interacts with people the way you would be comfortable with. Even if a person is extremely talented and experienced photographer, in case your personalities don’t match, it’s better to look elsewhere!