Choosing Colored Gemstones for A Unique Wedding Ring

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colored gemstone wedding ringWhile diamond is certainly the most valuable stone to stud into a wedding ring, today women are more attracted towards something else – which has looks elegant enough to offer the wearer the “important” look she desires without robbing her fiancé’s wallet – it’s the colored gemstone! Halle Berry and many more celebs have chosen their wedding rings with colored gemstones at their center, with or without diamonds. Take a look at wedding bands at Angara on and you will fall in love with the colors. They are so beautiful, that even I cannot resist myself to give images of some of them here. So, if your wedding is around the corner and you are wondering what type of wedding ring to choose, why not choose a unique colored gemstone ring?

Not all women are choosing their birthstone to get it studded in their wedding rings. Colors of the gemstone have a special meaning too and according to that some women choose a colored stone to signify the month in which they met their fiancé and some others choose a gem of the color they just love. However, choosing a gemstone for your wedding is not that easy. But don’t worry – it is not very difficult too. Just get some tips here and you will be able to take a more educated decision.

colored gemstone wedding ring 2Remember that all gemstones are not created in similar ways, and some may not be even right for your wedding ring, if you are going to wear it daily, due to their fragility and softness.

Having said that, I highlight the rule we follow traditionally that hardness is quite an important factor to consider while choosing a gemstone for your wedding or engagement rings. Why is diamond so popular? – not only because of its glow, but also because of its sturdiness. Women love to flaunt their wedding rings every day on their fingers and in that case, wearing a durable gemstone like diamond makes sense.

colored gemstone wedding ring 3Hardness of gems is measured on a “Mohs” hardness scale – a relative scale grading gems from 1 to 10, with 10 being the hardest. On this scale, diamond of course measures 10. Corundum which is a mineral of rubies and sapphires measures 9. The mineral which makes aquamarine and emerald – Beryl – measures 7.5 to 8. Opal and pearls – the softer gems measure 5.5 and 3 to 4 respectively, which makes them inapt for daily wear.

colored gemstone wedding ring 4Therefore women planning to wear their wedding ring every day should choose harder gemstones. And still if they love some less hard gem, which they want to wear daily, they can get the ring made with the fragile center stone set a bit lower, or surrounded in a bezel setting, to protect it from the daily wear and tear.

colored gemstone wedding ring 5You should choose your center stone carefully regarding the occasions for which you will be wearing it in future. Don’t forget to research about the hardness and durability of the stone. Whether you choose your wedding ring for some romantic reason, or you have some different purpose, or you just love to wear an impressive look, the ring is a tiny piece that is going to bring you a huge joy. has a wonderful collection of wedding jewelry with diamonds as well as colored gemstones. Visit their website and also Facebook page.

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