Choosing the Best Sapphire for Your Engagement/Wedding Ring

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choosing sapphirePlanned to buy a sapphire for your wedding or engagement ring? You have taken a perfect decision! Sapphire is the hardest stone in the world, of course next to the diamond. If you have decided to mount it in your engagement ring just because of the enticement of its deep blue radiance, you better get some more knowledge about this outstanding gemstone so as to choose just the right one for you. You can also get loose sapphires for sale where for an incredibly profitable deal.

Decide Your Tone

Sapphires has different shades of blue, even the lightest and the deepest. Sweden Princess Blue — the lightest tone, Navy blue — the darkest. The most valuable and priciest considered – Royal Blue, some middle shade. Camelot is one step lighter than Royal and Commodore is a bit darker. Both these are a bit more affordable.

blue oval sapphire

Consider Hue

The blue shade of sapphire usually has green or purple tint. Green or deep purple hues are considered unattractive, while the pure blue has the highest value.


blue marquise sapphire


Like any other gemstone, sapphires should also be tested for transparency. More transparency, more brilliance, more value. Completely transparent and partially transparent sapphires allow most of the light to pass through them, whereas translucent ones allow light to pass through but some vague objects affect this to varying degrees. Semitransparent and fully opaque sapphires allow only a little light to pass through.


light blue oval sapphire

Colored Sapphires

Though sapphire is characterized by the blue hue, many other beautiful colors are also available in this stone. Pink sapphires are quite popular for the engagement rings. Amongst these, Padparadscha sapphires with an orange-pink shade is rare and valuable. Even green, yellow and white ones are relatively less popular.


pink sapphire

Origin has an Influence on Price

Origin of gemstone has much influence on its price. Sapphires originated from Sri Lanka, Mogok, Burma and Kashmir are generally more valuable than originated elsewhere. Sapphires mined in these locations are considered of higher quality.

If you have a good knowledge, you can save money by purchasing superb quality sapphire originated from a new gemstone source — Madagascar.

E.g. look at the sapphires produced by, one of the world leader company in loose sapphires production. Their sapphires are 100% natural, never heated and has of highest quality. The company is based in Israel, so you can rest assured of the quality of the stone because this is the country known for world’s best cutters. Their sapphires are actually originated from Madagascar.


purple sapphire


Gems clarity depends on the count of natural inclusions inside the gemstone. If sapphire has no inclusion, probably it is heated and lost its original appearance. The few unique inclusions can increase stone price, but too much of it can reduce the cost.


green sapphire