Choosing the Perfect Bridal Jewelry – 7 Tips

Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Wedding tips |

enchantineIf you are a bride-to-be in several months and you have picked the wedding gown of your dreams, it’s high time to accessorize. We’ll try to help you shine like a star on your big day!

1. Pick the metal based on the shade of your white gown. If you have a champagne dress, opt for rose or yellow gold, but if your gown is pure white, opt for white gold, platinum and silver. If, however, your wedding dress is not white, you can go for any metal you prefer.

2. If your bodice is too detailed, your jewelry should be simpler. Otherwise, if you have chosen more plain and simple wedding dress, pick the bold items to make a statement and draw attention. Also, match the detailing on the bodice to the type of the jewelry. For instance, diamonds will perfectly match crystals and sequins, while pearls are great for beading.

3. Neckline should determine the shape of the necklaces. If your wedding dress is strapless, it will look lovely with chokers. For sweetheart cuts and V-necks pendant necklaces work great. If your neckline is a high one, you can skip bridal necklaces; instead, pick the bolder pair of earrings.

4. Family jewelry is an option. Well, that “something old, something borrowed” might be your mother’s set of pearls or your grandma’s diamond studs.

5. Don’t forget to compliment your engagement and wedding rings. Of course, they do not have to be the perfect match, but they should get along. Metals shouldn’t clash.

6. Bracelets might be tricky. They shouldn’t scratch or snag the delicate fabric your wedding dress is made of. Before deciding to wear a bracelet, make sure it doesn’t have any sharp points.

7. Try all the accessories and the wedding dress prior the wedding. This is the only way to see whether everything fits perfectly. Do you need one more item? Have you been too accessorized? When it comes to earrings, decide which one to buy depending on the hairstyle you will wear on the wedding day.

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