Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring To Symbolize Love And Commitment

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"engagement ring"When a woman receives an engagement ring, it will symbolize commitment, love and devotion from a potential groom. The man has the privilege of choosing an appropriate ring to give to the woman he intends to marry. Some advice may help the man find that perfect ring for that special woman.

History of the Engagement Ring

Many years ago, the tradition of giving a ring to the woman who a man intended to marry was first started by Archduke Maximillian of Austria. He bought a beautiful diamond ring to give to his future wife as a symbol of his love for her. The tradition soon became a part of relationships everywhere. In addition, it is believed that the ring should be worn on the left hand since the fourth finger on that hand has a vein that is connected to the heart. Therefore, the engagement ring is usually placed on this finger to show the love the couple has for each other.

Facts to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Engagement Ring

  • A man will need to consider the cost of an engagement ring since jewelry can be expensive, especially diamond rings. Therefore, a man will need to save for the perfect ring by retaining part of his salary over a period of two or three months. A man should shop around to find the best price for an acceptable ring to give to that significant woman.
  • To find the best price for a ring, the man will need to understand what to look for in a ring. Diamond engagement rings have some factors to consider when determining the cost. One is the carat or size of the diamond. The size of the carat will make the ring cost more or less. For instance, the larger carat rings will be more expensive than the smaller carat rings are. However, the larger rings are not always the perfect ring for a woman. Some women have small hands, and the larger carat rings may not look as nice on their fingers as a smaller carat stone would.
  • The clarity of the diamond is another factor to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring. The costs of diamonds are based on the luster or sheen of the stones. A stone that is transparent and shiny will be more expensive than a stone that is cloudy.
  • A diamond that sparkles is one that has more color than one that does not sparkle as much. The color grades for diamonds are clear to a yellow tint, and a diamond’s cost is determined by the grade of color.
  • The cut of the diamond will determine how much light can enter the stone. The better cut of diamonds will allow more light to enter.
  • Make sure the ring is a true diamond by buying from a reputable jeweler. The jeweler will certify that the stone is a genuine diamond.
  • The band of the ring is also important since it will be placed on the finger of the loved one. Bands can be found in silver, gold, white gold and platinum, and they come in different widths and thicknesses. The man will need to decide which style will be best for her hand type as well as her skin color. A woman who mostly wears white gold jewelry will probably prefer a white gold band for the engagement ring.

To find the perfect engagement ring, a man will need to know his woman well. He will need to know her ring size, skin color and much more to choose the best ring to make a commitment with her.