Choosing the right color for flower girl dresses

Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Wedding tips |

"two flower girls"Wedding ceremony is an event organized so that the bride and the groom can publicly display their love for each other. The occasion is one of the important occurrences in people’s lives since it does not happen on every day basis. Flower girls are amongst the important component of wedding ceremonies since they charm the guests and make the ceremony look both attractive and memorable by wearing appropriate dresses. Furthermore, the pictures and videos recorded during the ceremony usually looks attractive with matching and colorful attires. This makes it paramount for the wedding planners to ensure that the flower girl dresses are not only of the appropriate color, but they should also be matching with the rest of the wedding party members.

Many people face the dilemma of choosing the appropriate dresses for flower girls despite the fact that there are no rules regarding what the flower girls should wear. Instead it all depends on the bride’s personal preferences and the wedding theme. But there are various important tips to follow on how to match and choose the right color for the dresses.

One of the ways of ensuring that the dresses of the flower girls are of the ideal color and are matching, is choosing colors that match with the dresses worn by the bridesmaids. The colors can be a little different, but they should be completing each other. For instance; the flower girls can wear dresses with pastel shades of mint green while the senior bridesmaids wear shades of emerald and shamrock. The bride herself can wear a white dress so as to stand out from everybody else. This combination of colors will ensure that all the dresses worn by the bridal party matches and hence making the ceremony lively and attractive.

The color of the dresses worn by the flower girls should also be according to the weather and climate. This is because some colors are known to rhyme well with different climates. Thus wearing the wrong color during the wrong season can end up looking inappropriate. Some of the different colors that match with different weathers include orange and white amongst other bright colors which gets complimented by the rays of the shinning sun during sunny days like in summer. Brown, blue and other warm colors can match well during colder days when there is no much sunshine. Thus it is important to anticipate the kind of weather that will be there during the wedding ceremony so as to choose the appropriate color for the flower girls’ dresses.

Another important tip to follow so as to ensure that the dresses worn by the flower girls are appropriate and are matching, is visiting diverse wedding vendors and dresses providers, so as to go through the variety of colors available. The vendors also provide professional advice on the idea dresses to choose. These advices helps the people choosing the dresses avoid the mistake of choosing colors which looks like they can match but ends up spoiling the ceremony. Thus properly selected dresses for the flower girls can significantly bring liveliness in any wedding.