Choosing the Right Indian Wedding Photographer

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candid wedding photography by ShaadiGraPherFor Indian girls, wedding is like an entrance to another life. They officially leave their father’s home and start living anew with their husband. No wonder, an Indian bride and her loved ones love to watch this important moment again and again in form of wedding photos. Therefore, it is important to capture the course of the day through candid wedding photography, making each and every moment fun, to be enjoyed for years to come. While choosing photographer, you can consider some things to ensure that s/he will do your job just the way you want.

Candid Wedding Photographers

Candid wedding photographers in India are the most innovative and flexible professionals in terms of working hours, budgets and working styles. If you are looking forward to get thousands of pictures and choose some of them for editing, this is the professional for you.

A candid wedding photographer will offer you not less than one thousand pictures of your big day, will be present throughout your entire event and will not charge you for the extra hours.

candid wedding photography by ShaadiGraPher

But mind you, if you want all your photos in the typical posed style, this is not the person for you. They can, of course, catch such photos; but it is not the way to exploit the full potential of a candid wedding photographer. Better is to ask her/him for some photos in the traditional style and rest in the candid style.

Albums Vs Coffee Table Books

Actually the strong point of a good photographer is her/his work. However, you might give a priority to the type of presentation of the photos, i.e. an album or a coffee table book. If yes, it’s better to take a look at the photographer’s work first before you book her/him.

candid wedding photography by ShaadiGraPher

Coffee table books are light, hard-back and thick pages like a magazine. An album is the traditional collection of photos. So, look at the product first with your photos, inquire about the price and then decide. Remember that your photos will decide how beautiful your album will look. Without awesome photos, the most expensive and high quality album will look low-grade.

Is Choosing a Photographer So Much of Work?

You might think so. But imagine, what will be left back of your wedding? Is it your wedding saree? Or your husband’s sherwani? You will occasionally wear these dresses after the big day! Is it the food? Is it the decoration? All these things will last – but in form of your wedding photos! You can see them and live those magical moments again and again in your photos. So, it’s but natural that the choosing process will be a bit lengthy and worth paying keen attention. But if you do that, you will get the returns in form of outstanding photos to cherish for all your life!

candid wedding photography by ShaadiGraPher

Amrit Vatsa and Ankit Vatsa at are engineers and business consultants originally, but have a keen photographic sense which you can realize by watching some of their outstanding work in this article and much more on their website. They provide candid photography as well as cinematic documentary movies all over India without charging for travel. They also take care of traditional posed pictures by outsourcing the work to a local studio. So, you get your wedding captured in both modern as well as traditional styles, excellently!

candid wedding photography by ShaadiGraPher